Had a senior moment today and it almost made me cry

Me too.

Ditto. I’ve been misplacing things my whole life.

The worst one was when I was using a power drill in college. I was standing on my desk drilling an anchor in the ceiling to hang my 12-speed bicycle. (Of course I repaired the hole at the end of the year, or I would have been billed for it.) Anyway, I put the drill down to install the hook, and went to drill the next hole…and couldn’t find the drill. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I looked all around the dorm room. No drill. I was the only person in the room. Nobody but me had had entered or left the room. How on Earth do you lose a power drill in a single room? I ended up looking for it for over an hour, getting more and more upset. I finally found it.

I had apparently tossed it into a basket of laundry so that I didn’t have to climb down from the desk. The impact of the drop caused the loose clothes to drape over the drill, completely burying it.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found myself saying to myself, “If you put this [object] here in this stupid place, you are never going to find it again.” That helps sometimes, but not always.

Like the old book I recently found in a box in the basement. After taking the book out so I could reread it, I repacked the box and put it away. The book had disappeared. I looked through the box again. Not there. I said to myself, “I must have sat it down somewhere here in the basement. It’ll turn up.” That was about a year ago. I still don’t know what happened to that book.

Yep, that sounds like me.

Then there’s the ever-popular “walking into a room to get something, but forgetting what it is you went there for”. Again, I’d say “senior moment” except I’ve also been doing that ever since I was a kid.

We don’t call them senior moments, but rather, dog moments. It comes from years of watching one dog or other come strolling in from somewhere, and slowing down with a confused look on their face. Lessee, I came in here for something. What was it? Oh, well; jump on my person!

That way we can deny getting older. Just this week Alexa added Call my phone to its list of tricks. Yeah, DesertRoomie is usually home when I am and we could use her phone, but asking Alexa is quicker.

Doesn’t work for the remote, though.

This stuff has always happened to me, and always seemed to happen to other people, too, no matter their age.

I lost my baby once. Looked for him everywhere. Turns out I was holding him on my hip with my arm; it’d become so automatic my brain simply forgot I was doing it. Stupid brain.

Before I go into panic mode, I retrace my steps. I usually find what I am looking for that way.

The difficult times are when Mr VOW loses something. Retracing his steps is like working a jigsaw puzzle with no picture as a guide, and all the edge pieces are missing.


I do that a lot. I take it as a sign they’re dirty or I need a new prescription. IOW, I notice I can see, but not well enough for whatever I’m doing. So what’s the fix for not seeing well enough? Add my glasses. Goosechase ensues.

Emojis: We have two: :man_facepalming: & :woman_facepalming:. They even come with different complexions: :man_facepalming:t6: :woman_facepalming:t5:

We lack the gray haired one though. So far.

You totally get a free pass for that one.

And from now on, always blame the dog even when it isn’t his/her fault. Even when they try to argue, they’re not very good at it; you’ll win every time.

Now that’s a 21st Century problem.

That’s some world class missing the obvious right there. Shows to go how skilled parents (especially Moms) can become at living one-armed/one-handed.

On a more somber note that also shows how people can forget kids in car seats.

Losing a baby who is parked on your hip doesn’t mean you have a memory problem.

I bet it’s more of a SLEEP DEPRIVATION problem!


Yeah? But that ‘red sheet’

Reading words like “blades,” “mower,” and “grinder” made me worry that this was going to be about the kind of senior moment where you could lose a finger.

I too have had lapses of age. The last time, I actually looked under my wallet to look for my wallet?:grimacing:

Damn it, I’ve worked hard to get old, and I’m going to enjoy it. Senior moments? Bring 'em on! Lost my gloves? Well, those young whippersnappers can’t do that, can they? Nope, only people who’ve paid their dues!

I’ve been doing the opposite lately. Making a move to adjust my glasses on my nose, only to realize I’m wearing my contacts.

From age 25 to 60:

Lawn Mowing Department:
Went back and forth on my lawn tractor on the front yard…
Realized I didn’t start the blade on my lawn tractor.

Lunch Department:
Had lunch. One hour later, fixed lunch…again. Put in fridge for dinner.

Fill Up Car With Gas Department:
Prepaid $20. Went to fill up car. Realized I did this yesterday. Went back in to get $20 back. They laughed.

I had the same thought. Glad I was wrong.

One of these will. Get one of the stick-on kinds. I use about 10 of them for just about everything I need regularly and don’t have the time to look for. Keys, wallet, devices, backpack. Worth every penny.

Don’t feel too bad. A few years ago a relative (about 30 years old) was driving from Texas to central Colorado called to say they were going to be a bit late.

They called from Wyoming. Yep. They missed the STATE OF COLORADO on a road trip.

Don’t know if this counts as a “senior moment” but last night while I was battling insomnia my brain decided to amuse itself by playing the title song of a Beatles album. Except that it refused to remember the opening words of the song. Which of course kept me awake even longer. It wasn’t until later in the morning (after I’d finally managed to get in a few hours of sleep) that the song popped into my mind.

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

I had a moment just yesterday. I work from home in an upstairs office. I had lunch, then went back upstairs to work. I texted somebody on my phone, then two minutes later I needed my phone for 2-factor authentication, and for some reason I thought I had left my phone downstairs even though I just sent a text on it from my desk it two minutes before. I actually got up to go back downstairs when I looked down and saw my phone where I left it on my desk right in front of me.