Where are your glasses; or Brain Farts I Have Known

Tired hungry and it’s late, we’re grilling hamburgers. Their done and on to assembly, the fries and drinks. Ww chowed down, I said " something different about those hamburgers." My daughter day’s yeah you’re right and my husband says I agree, something is different. I said, "I no I did the same thing I always do and my husband said I didn’t do anything different.

So a few minutes later I pick up the dishes and head into the kitchen and sitting on top of thw stove qas all the hamburger patties. I assembled them and forgot to put the patties along with the rest of the burger.
Yet we couldn’t quite figure out what what different.

I have made tuna casserole… and forgot to add the tuna.

I know exactly where you were; please tell me you didn’t get in the car and head back the way you came? :grin:

When I go to work in the morning I bring three dogs and a parrot with me. When I go home I bring everyone home with me. Except for a couple of times when I left a dog at work. Both of those trips I got home, pulled into the garage, opened my Jeeps tailgate, then wondered where the third dog was for an embarrassingly long time.

Yeah, and I didn’t figure it out until I saw the “Welcome to Georgia” sign :laughing:

No, fortunately there were no more major brain farts on that particular trip.

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I did that, too. Except I apparently was a slower child than you. In my defense, toilet and laundry bin were right next to each other.

One morning, I first forgot to add the grounds to the coffee maker, and made me a nice pot of hot water; then I added the grounds and switched it on again, only to realize that I’d forgotten to pour the water back into the tank…

I have, on more than one occasion, attempted to unlock the door of my house by pressing a button on my car key. :smiley:

I have done that too… as well as using my car keyfob on the badge reader at work instead of swiping my badge.

Is your name Fred? (go to 1:23)


I’ve done this too. I’ve also frantically looked for my “missing” red hatchback only to (finally!) remember that I brought the white van that day instead.

Oh yeah-- I do that all the time when I swap vehicles with my wife because she needs the Jeep to transport something large, or whatever.

My mother used to do that a lot.

A couple of years ago I was in Panama Beach, Florida for my son’s wedding. I met my son and a bunch of his buddies at a bar/restaurant for lunch and drinks one day. My rental car was parked not far from the restaurant.

After lunch everyone split up to do whatever they needed to do. I needed to get some oysters and beers. Some while later I went to find my car but couldn’t. It was 98 degrees and 98% humidity and I was walking up and down rows of parked cars. After about an hour of frantic searching I was ready to call the police to report my car stolen. However, all the paperwork was in the car’s glove-box.

I had retraced my steps repeatedly. Then the thought hit me that the other side of the lot was a mirror image of the side I was on. I walked over to the opposite side and found my car. :crazy_face:

Exiting my car after arriving at work, I reach into the center console binnacle to grab my ID pouch and my wallet…and find my wallet isn’t there. That terrifying feeling like a knife in the abdomen. Wait! Maybe it’s on the passenger seat, or fell between the seat and the console! No.

Entering the facility where I work, I see the supervisor and say I must go home and get my wallet, and that I’ll be back in less than an hour. On the way home making damn well sure I do nothing to get pulled over and have to present a driver’s license I don’t have, plus the anxiety of “where the hell is that damn thing?”.

Finally there: I dash into the house and expect to see my wallet resting on it’s usual kitchen/living room pass-through counter. Not there. Now that knife in the chest feels like it’s 80 degrees below zero…yet I break out into a sweat. I’m literally pacing in circles as my mind frantically races. "Fer chrissake, what I do as I left for work?

Let’s see…yes. I grabbed some outgoing envelopes to put in my mailbox at the curb. Could it be? Normally it’s my wallet in hand as I get into the car and back out of the garage. I fly out the door, down the driveway and as I approach the mailbox I see the little red flag is still raised. Opened the door to find my wallet sitting atop my outgoing mail. The sense of relief was like a million bucks. The sense of my stupidity in getting tripped up was like a kick in the ass I couldn’t give myself.

That’s what happens when routines get interrupted.

I have a cute little French press coffee maker from Ikea that makes one mug at a time. Just yesterday I poured some water into the electric kettle and flicked it on. While it was heating I rinsed and wiped out the press, rinsed and wiped out a mug, then started measuring the ground coffee into the mug.

I got to two out of four spoonfuls before I realized what I was doing. Since the mug was damp the grounds wouldn’t just pour out again. I wound up running enough more water from the tap into the mug to make a slurry, swirling it around a couple times, dumping it into the press real quick then adding the final two spoons to the press.

After the press was charged I got rid of the clinging grounds still in the mug with more tap water.

Then, on a separate occasion, I walked into the laundry room and lifted the lid on our top-loading washer when I needed to pee. Fortunately I wasn’t tall enough to make that work.

  1. Walking into a room like a man on a mission, only to realize I don’t remember what the mission is.
  2. Wandering the parking lot looking for my car for 5 minutes before remembering I took the wife’s car that day.
  3. Quickly going to google something but forgetting what it was I wanted to google.
  4. Forgetting if I’d just used the toilet’s bidet function or not, as I contemplate rising up off the commode. Well, better run it again . . .

Yep. I once took a car trip to Minnesota without my wallet (plenty of other drivers). I always (and now always-always) grab my keys and my wallet together from their storage location. This time I was loading the car, so I grabbed by keys to pop the trunk. Loaded the car, loaded the people, off we go.

Need fuel and food in Iowa, reach for my wallet to get the CC - no wallet. Much talk of senility from my sons and wife, picked up by the siblings when we got to MN. And as a bonus, one resturaunt really wasn’t going to let me have a beer without an ID. They did relent eventually.

Yeah, wallet and keys together at said storage location for sure. to leave, I have the routine down to: Keys in front right pocket ( out of pocket and right back in just to lock house door ) and key fob operates vehicle while still in pocket. I never sit while my wallet is in the pack pants pocket, so I often hold onto it then put it right into vehicle console binnacle.

Let, anything, anything interfere with me while I’m holding my wallet on my way out to me car and I’m afraid I’m going to mindlessly, subconsciously, set it down somewhere, only to remember I did so when it’s too late.

Back when I was a gas station attendant, the station was close to a grocery store and strip mall I remember so often cars would pull up to the pumps and I’d see items still on the roofs of cars. I’d point this out to the motorist, much to their amazement and a shared laughs. It was always due to them having their hands full, their minds full of other things, and hurried-ness.

I’m still amazed a Carvell ice cream cake could stay on the roof of a car after being driven a quarter mile.