Where can I buy a Port Bottle Tilting Device?

In the opening of the 1970 movie (“The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes”), Holme’s brother Mycroft is seen using a hand cranked device to tilt a bottle of port. this is done so as not to disturb the sediment at the bottom (of an old bottle of port wine). I cannot fiond such a device on ebay-but they seemed to be in common use in Edwardian England. Do you need one to enjoy a good bottle of port?

If you have a really old vintage that has thrown a lot of sediment in the bottle then you would want to take steps to avoid drinking it, but the problem doesn’t arise with a typical swilling port or even an LBV, which has been cask-matured for longer than usual and bottled at a later stage in its life (hence the name).

Absent a device which was probably confined to a small sector of English society, and that a hundred-odd years ago, you can probably just decant the stuff gently being careful not to disturb the liquid in the bottom of the bottle.

It is called a decanting cradle and you can buy antique ones on etsy.


Knowing nothing about port, wouldn’t it be just as reasonable to pour through a filter?