Where can I buy classic Looney Tunes DVDs?

Does anyone know where I can buy classic Looney Tunes cartoons? You know, the old Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Coyote stuff? Once I seen some old Bugs Bunny cartoons from the WW2 era it was full of propaganda.
I did go to the Warner Bros. site which I thought would be the place. Have they ever been commited to video for public sale and/or private collection?

Here’s one.

Sadly, Warner Bros. has not yet released their classic cartoon calvacade on DVD, although there are rumors they plan to later this year.

And the thing yojimboguy linked to is a VHS videotape.

There were plans to release a series of character-based DVDs in Europe, but the plans were scuttled at the last minute. Hopefully, Warner Brothers will do it right and release the toons in the same manner as the laserdisc sets.

Warner’s laserdiscs were character-based. Are you perchance referring to Turner’s Golden Age of Looney Tunes sets, where although each program had a “theme,” there was a large number of cartoons included? (Until the merger, Turner owned all Warner cartoons made before 1948.)

Yep, that’s the one. They should really release eveything in blocks of years, IMHO. Perhaps leaving the more controversial ones to a set by themselves.