Where can I download free, searchable maps?

Does anyone know where I can download a free, searchable map for a city? I tried some Google-fu but to no avail.

I need to be able to search by address offline. I would rather not buy Microsoft Streets and Directions because it costs money and the computer I have doesn’t have a DVD reader to install the software.


Have you tried Google Maps?

I need something that works offline and lets me search.

Is it possible to download Google Maps onto a computer?

GoogleEarth may do what you’re looking for, but that costs money.

May I ask why it can’t be online?

It looks like they might have something you can use here:


I haven’t tried it myself.

Sometimes I’m a delivery boy and it would be handy to have my laptop around when I have to look up some unknown / new place that I can’t find on a printed map.

I don’t think I can search by address once the map is downloaded.

I don’t know your location, but Thomas Bros. publishes street guides to some major U.S. metropolitan areas, Not on your computer, but a possible solution. Here’s their site

Might this help? The comment about saving multiple caches could be useful… I haven’t tried it, but I can imagine it might work, if the area you work in isn’t too big.

I just tried Google Earth out and I must say that it is a pretty nifty program. The cache works for looking at areas offline but it’s too bad the search function for looking up directions doesn’t work.