Where can I download free short videos?

I have always been interested in short films, especially cartoons and quirky animations; Atomfilms and iFilm are great, but a lot of the content can only be streamed.

PocketMovies.net is good and there’s also some good stuff at archive.org.

But I’m looking for more sites where I can (legitimately) download short videos, animations etc, or sites that collect links to the sites of independent artists who also permit local download of their content.

www.bellsouth.net looks like it has some neat stuff. I’m not sure though, because for some reason I can’t seem to download them. :frowning:

Hmmm… there’s a section of their site called videoVault, but it seems as though it’s just a wrapper for AtomFilms, which is mostly just streamed content.

Why no check this list out? There’s a few broken links in their and a lot of the sites sre straeming only, but there’s also plenty of downloads available.

Their’s a mistake in they’re somewhere :smack:

Coincidentally, I’ve actually spent the last week and a half making a website that has a bunch of animations I’ve made on it, plus a few short films and some other stuff. It’s not quite finished yet, but when it is I plan on starting a thread here, probably in MPSIMs.