Where can I find 3 inch deep storage jars?

Since it’s about cooking, I put it here.

So I bought and moved into a new house. The Kitchen is less than ideally arranged, and until I can get it worked on, I have to live with it. The main problem is that the oven is in no man’s land basically, I have to walk to a cupboard to get anything.

I do have a little shelf that handily stores a few things, and I would like to put a couple little jars of flour and sugar on it for convenience. Just to be able to get a spoonful now and then when I’m cooking. The shelf is only 3 inches deep however, and as much as I search the internet I can’t find any tight seal jars that size. They are all 4 inches depth or more, or tiny little spice jars, that would have me needing to refill them every other time. Or else they are the right size but have some crappy non locking sealing mechanism

Only one dimension has to be three inches, the width can be more, but more than 5 inches or so and it would take up a lot of the shelf. They can be 3 feet tall for all I care. The 750ml California Olive Ranch Olive oil bottle I use fits perfectly, but I can’t find any storage jars that size. They all seem to stop at 4 inches, then start getting shorter instead.

I suppose the other option is to get some kind of magnetic shelf that’s 4 inches wide I could slap onto the side of the stove, but I can’t find anything like that either.

Penzey’s has a variety of jars, would any of those work? Looks like a few of them are less than 3" diameter and hold up to a cup. They seal tightly - I have many of them.

Hmm those look very close to what I need. Thanks. Since they’re spice jars, I wonder if a spoony cap is an option.

I never thought of looking at spice stores, I kept looking at kitchen and container supply places. At the very least It’s an excuse to drive over to Penzey’s on 13 mile and check it out (and sample a couple dozen nosefulls ;))

I have seen mason jars with lids and caps. They are that size. Mostly used for jams. They were easy to find in Utah. Couldn’t tell you were else to look.

I don’t know if you have an Ikea near you, but these small spice jars look like they would work for you. They aren’t as small as they look. I have a set of these. They can hold at least 1/2 c of whatever. The lid is screw top and they have two flat sides to make them more space saving.

I was thinking canning jars as well. Like these.

I am going to recommend U.S. Plastic Corp.. They have an insane number of different plastic options. I actually just love looking through their catalog as I’ve come up with some great ideas (and built/implemented many- custom fish tank, backpacking storage bottles, and chicken feeder&waterer) just from seeing a great shape or item that I had no idea existed.

You will recognize a huge number of things- albeit non-branded. I should add that even their branded items (Nalgene) are 30% less than REI/Amazon prices.

Tupperware ovals or the Spaghetti dispenser would work great. I use the modular mates line for my food storage. They aren’t going to be the most beautiful looking things on the counter, but they are workhorses. You can get a couple of the ovals in size 1 or 2 and stack them since you said you have vertical space.

If you have a World Market anywhere close by, they have all sorts of containers in all sorts of sizes. Uber-cheap, too.

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