Where can I find a picture of the Flying Dragon (Draco volans) "wing" skeleton?

I am trying to find a decent illustration of the “wing” membrane anatomy of the Flying Dragon for an art project. None of the images I’ve been able to find so far make it clear how the wings work, or how they relate to the rest of the ribcage.

How about this one.

The “wings” are actually formed by extended ribs; they are not separate from the rest of the rib cage.

Aha! Yes, thank you. That’s exactly the sort of thing I’ve been looking for. From that illustration, it appears that the ribcage is only made up of four pairs of ribs, and the next five pairs are ‘false ribs’ that support the gliding membranes. Hot dog! That is just what I was trying to find.

I, er, don’t suppose your elite searching skills also managed to locate a ventral view of the ribcage and sternum? If not, that’s entirely fine. The dorsal view of the wing ribs should be more than adequate for the task. Thank you again for your aid, muchly!

So, what do you need it for?

My bet: weapons harnesses for your scaled flying army.