Where can I find a simple "Grow Light"?

You would think this would be easy, but I’m having no luck. All I want is a single-tube, 2-foot fluorescent fixture with Gro-lux tube in it that I can plug into a wall outlet.

The local Home Depot and Lowes have nothing, nor do the gardening stores. I guess maybe I could tramp out to Wal-Mart, but the place gives me a headache.

When I do a search, I get all manner of high-priced fixtures and tons of tips on growing pot, but no fixtures like I’m looking for.

No, I’m not growing anything illegal. The days are getting shorter here and soon my window herb garden is going to be giving me some dirty looks.

Any sources greatly appreciated.

Here.. Scroll down a bit, they have a 2-foot fixture for about $25.

Oh and the tubes are separate and go for about $19. Reasonable, no?

GE has exactly what you are looking for. Sold in Canadian Tire as BrightStik or Gro & Sho brightstik.
Dunno if you have any similar stores where you live, but the GE product code is 11263.
Its a 2 foot long flourecent tube with a plug and switch. Single use sort of thing. Once the tube goes you have to replace all of it. But its pretty cheap (about $20 canadian) so not too bad.
Dunno if this link will work for you http://www.canadiantire.ca/assortments/product_detail.jsp?FOLDER<>folder_id=2534374303514240&ASSORTMENT<>ast_id=1408474395348027&bmUID=1064715338472&PRODUCT<>prd_id=845524442459359&assortment=primary

If it doesnt go to www.canadiantire.ca and do a search for gro light

Thanks for the link. Odd that the 24" tube is the same price as the 48". $19 for a light tube! Maybe it doubles as a death ray…

Nah, but they used to, back in the 1920’s

Bada-boom ::cymbal clash::

Also, try a pet store. You may be able to get full spectrum bulbs there for aquarium and reptiles…actually, not may, you WILL be able to get full spectrum bulbs at any decent pet store that sells salt water fish or reptiles.

Or, to save money you could buy a two-bulb fixture at any Home Depot and then use one “warm” bulb and one “cool” bulb. With these different color temperatures, you should have the full spectrum pretty much covered-- and the bulbs are MUCH cheaper then “full-spectrum” bulbs. Plus, fluorescents don’t throw that much light so using two bulbs might be a good idea anyway.

Not so on the two bulbs; at least not reliably.

Anyway, I came in here to recommend a pet store, since I worked in a pet store for 6 years and ran my own aquarium service for 8. Since RR beat me to it, I’ll just add this: find an independent pet store please, and not one of the megamarts that put my friends out of business.

When I went looking for odd light bulbs (the kind that give the same color mix as noon,) I got 'em at an electrical supply house. It was the kind of place that has a showroom full of fancy lighting, and around to the side there was a counter where the local electricians went for wire and junction boxes. I had to order the bulbs, but the next week, I had them.

There is a much cheaper solution than the expensive “Grow Light” bulbs. If you combine regular daylight fluorescents with incandenscent light, you get an effective full spectrum light. A general recommendation is 1 incandescent watt for each 3 fluorescent (daylight) watts. Here is a reference: