Where can I find good info on WWII Luftwaffe flight suits?

Well, if no one minds, I was wondering if anyone could steer me towards any good sources of info on Second World War Luftwaffe flight suits and/or pressure suits? Especially photographs?

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There’s one here.

This Google search might help further.

Whether one likes it or not, it is part of history. There is actually a military memoribilia collector here in Naples, Fl if you want to travel that far. He specializes in WWII items. I am sure there are museums and military collectible spots around you if you want a close up look.
EBay used to sell these items but took them off because a lot of people got offended. They also took other great items such as blow-up sex sheep, etc. How dare them!
This is something, and there are millions of sites out there. I actually had this one saved because I know the person.

I wish I could help you. Long before I had a computer, I bought a lot of books on WWII aviation. I know I have some information on Luftwaffe flight suits, but it’s all in storage. I know that Flight Suits Ltd. in El Cajon, CA used to make a reproduction Luftwaffe flight jacket, but I think it was current-issue (that is, current in the 1980s). They discontinued it years ago, and I’m 99.9% sure they have not revived it. I seem to remember the flight suits in Battle of Britain (on DVD May 20th) looked authentic.

You may want to do a google search to see what you can turn up. There are people who sell WWII memorabilia, and I know I’ve seen Luftwaffe gear for sale; primarily leather helmets, O[sub]2[/sub] masks and goggles. I’m sure you can find photos of flight suits for sale, as well as other gear.

Good luck!