Where Can I Find Impartial Ratings On A 17 Inch Montior?

Yet another computer tech question today, and I really would like to put my vote in for this as a new SDMB topic board, but I digress…
Last time I looked Consumer Reports requires payment to access their website, and a search on my topic only revealed articles written back in the late 90’s when monitors still went for upwards of 800 dollars, so I am looking for a site where I can sit and read in peace and decide which 17 inch monitor would suit my purpose. Can someone recommend such a site?



Try epinions. You can find reviews and ratings from consumers for just about anything there including monitors. Click here to go directly to their monitor section.

Or you could subscribe to Consumer’s Reports and get their year end booklet.
This may be a bit dated, but their top ratings for 17 inch monitors were (in order): NEC Multisync FE700, Sony FD Trinitron CPD-E200 and ViewSonic E773.
The report was dated Sept. 2000.

http://www.zdnet.com links to reviews by all the Ziff Davis computer mags.

17" monitors are getting kind of long in the tooth and most magazine and ezine reviews are of the sexier new 19" and larger units. I’ve used and sold dozens of different 17" monitors over the years. With respect to availability, bang for the buck and a crisp, high quality image it’s hard to beat Sony Trintron flat screens. The best deals on these can probably be had on Trintron refurbs (HMDA 200’s and CPD E-200’s) . Sony refurbs are essentially repaired or in may cases simply returned (new) units that have been checked and re-boxed. You can pick 17" Sony flat screen tubes on http://www.ubid.com for around 150 to 200 or so, shipping’s a killer though at around $ 50. or so. I always keep 3 or 4 of these 17 inchers in stock for friends and clients. They are gorgeous machines.
Here is list of all the 17" reviews that ZD has done over the years.


If it doesn’t click through just go to http://www.zdnet.com and follow the review cues.

Though it may seem somewhat declasse to mention on a web site, I’d like to put in my two cents for shufflin’ on over to the public library. They often have back issues of CR, as well as the yearly booklets to help you find the issues you need.

try cnet.com