Where can I find more of these tips for my 'universal' AC adapters?

So, I have several “universal” AC adapters that you plug into the wall and select anywhere from 1.5V to 25V for the output voltage, then plug a particular tip in to allow the adapter to power whatever device you like.

I used to be able to buy new tips at Radio Shack and other places, and they sized them by letter (so there was an A tip and a D tip and a Q tip [no pun intended] and the like, IIRC). The tips looked like this:

And of course the end of the adapter’s power line had two holes in it that you’d plug the tip into; the polarity was determined by which way you plugged in the tip.

But nowadays it seems like Radio Shack, Amazon, etc. have all gone over to the more expensive and bulky iGo adapters for laptops and phones and whatnot, with tips like these.

Does anybody know where I can find new tips for my non-iGo adapters? Wal-Mart and Target had one, but the included tips were all the wrong size for what I need. (I lost the tiny tip I had, which was the one that worked on my Kindle 1 – the comparable iGo tip is the A00 tip – and I’m looking for an even tinier [speaking of internal and external diameter of the metal part that plugs into the device, that is] tip for my Motorola Xoom.)

So, is there somewhere on the Internet that sells these, and even better, somewhere that has the dimensions and/or letter codes these were sold under?

It’s probably futile. Years ago, I tried using those a couple of times, only to find that the octopus of connections on the end of it couldn’t keep up with the inventiveness of various device makers in creating new and novel power connections. Not to mention having to try to find the appropriate voltage and connection polarity on a device you’ve lost the manufacturer provided wall wart for.

I used to yell that I wished the manufacturers would standardize power dongles to a manageable small set of voltages with a standard connector, so that they would become a generic item you simply bought at the hardware store. The late Douglas Adams once wrote an essay on this very topic, fed up with his own closet full of unmatched power dongles.

Things have evolved to where we seem to largely be using USB for power connections on portable devices, even for things that don’t require any data transfer. Well, at least it’s a standard, and you can go buy generic chargers and cables.

Surely there must be somebody who sells them online somewhere, right? I know the voltage and polarity for most of my devices … I just need a source that sells the tips. And the iGo tips are still available everywhere, so apparently universal adapter are still popular…ish…

Go to ebay and search for “radio shack adapter tips”. There are tons listed for sale.

I believe this

and some Jensen and Phillips universal power adapters also use the kind of switch tips you are referencing.Just as an FYI this pin style adapter tips is getting to be kind of old school at this point so if the tip you need is newly proprietary it may not be available period for these older style universal adapters.