Where can I find optics for an old microscope.

I have inherited an old Bausch and Lomb microscope. I can’t find a model number, and I can’t find a picture of the exact model on the Internet. It’s a blue green model that looks like it might be from the 70’s or 80’s. It looks like it is a pretty good microscope, but Bausch and Lomb stopped making microscopes a while ago.

I need to find two eyepieces and I’d guess the optics themselves may be a bit worn. They may be salvageable though.

Will any appropriately sized eyepiece work, or do I need to find a specific focal length? What variables do I need to match up?


That does help, but I still need to figure out what I need. Assuming I can’t figure out what model it is, will any eyepieces that fit the opening work? Will any objective that I can screw into the turret work?