Where can I find sheet music for classic video games?

I know that some games, such as Zelda, Mario Bros, and Starfox have been orchestrated; I was wondering if they actually have sheet music (for the piano) for some of these games. The other day I was at the Student Union at my college and this girl was playing a lot of songs from classic games. I was impressed, but disappointed when I found out she learned them by ear; I don’t have a really good ear for music so in order for me to play said songs on the piano I’d need sheet music to read and practice off of.

Hello! I’ve done this before, and it is possible to do.

What my method was is to go to a video game MIDI site, and download the MIDI for the song in question (you may have to make one yourself, but the songs you want are mainstream enough this should not be an issue.) Download the MIDI, and open it in a MIDI editor, such as Noteworthy (there are many shareware/freeware ones, some of which only limit your saves. That makes life very easy for someone just printing them out). Decide which part is the melody, and print it out!

Now, I must warn you. In some songs, the part is VERY difficult. I’ve tried some songs at 180 beats per minute, with 16th/32nd notes. Admittedly, my skill comes into play (and the fact I play trombone, making it slightly more difficult than piano), but it should be noted that this isn’t always easy.

Also, it may be worth your while to buy an editor if you really want to get into this, or at least look very hard for freeware/shareware versions that allow this. Often you’ll want to change the key of the song, move it down two ocatives, etc, as well as splice together different parts to make sure you basically have the proper melodies and harmonies. Again, I haven’t tried this on a piano, but on a trombone, it can take awhile.

I hope this helped!

Michael Huang has made some very nice piano arrangements for the Final Fantasy series of games. He also provides MP3s of himself playing the songs, which is nice to get a feel for the difficulty. He also has links on his website to places where you can buy the official piano music from many games.

Final Fantasy Music Online also has lots of sheet music for Final Fantasy games (I think these are scans of the official music), although none of the piano music links are working for me at the moment.

If you liked Final Fantasy, this should keep you busy for awhile :slight_smile:

Hope this helped!

There exists a website and messageboard devoted to this type of music, called OverClocked Remix. The people that frequent that message board may be able to help.

Final fantasy sheet music huh? Sounds like a winner to me. In your opinion, what’s the best song in all the final fantasys…I have a few favorites

Temple of the ancients in FFVII (Aeris :()
The battle score (used in all of them)
The opera scene in FFIII(FFVI)

Any suggestions on yours?

Try www.rpgamer.com

In the music sections they have tabs for guitars, drums, trumpet for different RPG sounds.

Another way is to grab the midi for the music, open them up in an editor like Calkwalk which will show the music notation and print them out.

Damn, I meant Cakewalk (the software to read MIDI files). All of a sudden the means to speak c-a-k-e evade me.