Where can I find Video of Gore's recent speech

The only link I’ve been able to find is on CSpan. It doesn’t work under Firefox, and I’m even having trouble with IE. I am looking for a video recording (not transcript) of Al Gore’s recent speech on Jan 16th about the scope of Executive powers. Can anyone point me to another site?


If you found it on Cspan, you can also purchase it from cspan. Usually for around $30.00.

They do have it listed for sale but they should also be airing it again. They aired it on the 16th (live), 17th and 18th.

Thanks for the help so far! Let me revise my OP.

Where can I find a free, web-based, video of…

His last big three speeches were archived by various organizations, I’m surprised that this one seems tricky to track down.

The speech was sponsored by The Liberty Coalition, and they have a direct link to C-Span’s RealVideo file of the speech.

Oh, so close – but it doesn’t work either. It points to rtsp://video.c-span.org/project/ter/ter011606_gore.rm and gives me an error.

Do you have Real Player? It works fine for me; I’m watching it now. Are you at work? I couldn’t watch it in my office because they restrict streaming video.