Where can I get France 24?!

…the new French news channel? I guess I should have posted this in Questions, since it’s a factual question, but I figured more people would know here.

How about http://www.france24.com ?

You don’t say in what part of the world you are.

Sorry, North America.

Uh, the United States to be exact. Florida to be even more exact.

I’m so glad you mentioned that! I read they were starting up, and then totally forgot about them…

And I have to say, the quality on the website is great compared to most internet television I’ve seen - it’s actually a large picture and really clear with no artifacts… Take that CNN.com and BBC.co.uk! :smiley:

Great! There wasn’t a picture earlier today.

And here I thought it was the TV show with Jaques LeBauer (and Chloe who is the LEAST rude cast member).

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