Where can I get good quality photos for commercial use?

I’m trying to put together an album or two, and am looking for artwork for the CD cover. I don’t mind paying (a reasonable amount), but the quality must be excellent. Are there any good sites that sell photos that you can then use commercially? Many thanks.

Searching on yahoo.com for “stock photography” turned up the following link: http://dir.yahoo.com/Business_and_Economy/Shopping_and_Services/Photography/Stock_Photography/

www.corbis.com is pretty good. They have tons and tons of photos which you can seach by keyword and preview for free. If you find one you like, you pay them a nominal fee and you can then download a high-quality version of the photo.

Finally, you might try going to your local office supply store and rummaging thru the bargain bin. They usually have CDs called something like “20000 Photos!” for around $15. The pictures aren’t prizewinners, but there’s usually more than a few good ones.

Hope this helps!