Where can I get Rachel Ray's microwave?

The title says it all.

The Food Network website has a page on the equipment used on her 30 Minute Meals set, but unfortunately it does not list her microwave.

There may be somewhere on the website to e-mail her or her producers to get this information.

I don’t care about Rachael Ray’s microwave, but I want Alton Brown’s stand mixer with the flames. That is cool.


If you can get me Rachael Ray, I’ll get you her microwave. :slight_smile:

my wife isn’t around, is she? At least her name is Rachel too…

It’s here, about 3/4 of the way down the page. No image. It’s a Samsung CE 0.7 700W Silver, and you can buy it at that link.

Here’s one.

The flames are a custom paint job on a KitchenAid stand mixer, like the one I’m getting for my birthday. :slight_smile:

Hot. Blazingly hot.

Rachael Ray, that is. I couldn’t care less about her kitchen appliances.

From jayjay’s link


Damn. I didn’t see that. Sorry, PinkShoes.

if it makes you feel any better that is the same model microwave I have in my apt, and I don’t really like it. It belongs to my room mate and was here before I was so it isn’t going anywhere, but I find it to be not very user friendly or flexable.

Looks damn cool in our kitchen though. :cool:

I assume you’ve seen these pics then?:


She’s a cutie all right.

Samsung MW4699S, fifty bucks.

To heck with her microwave, I want her meds.

Eight years later, not sure the OP would still want it.