Where can I get some Web space cheap (like "free")?

My new hobby is making stupid little stop-animation videos on the computers at work and showing them to my friends; I find the emphasis on my superficial stupidity forestalls scrutiny of my deep-seated flaws. This hobby would be greatly facilitated if I could get hold of maybe 10 MB of Web space in which to keep the videos.

Some Googling turned up a number of sites, and I’m wondering if any fellow Dopers have experience with them. Most of them have a free trial period, but require you to pay after that. The ones I’ve checked out are:

Yahoo! Briefcase: 30 MB of storage, but you have to pay to make it public.

Ripway: Seems pretty good; is there a catch?

BTInet: My spidey-sense tells me there’s a sales pitch coming…

Sharemation: Looks good, but I’m hoping to find at least 10 MB of space; they offer only 5 MB.

Znail: Again, it’s not public; you have to log in to get the file, which would sort of defeat the purpose.

So: Am I gasp going to have to actually pay for something on-line, or is there some site I’m overlooking?

(Btw, I’ve got a fathom.org account, but it’s only 2 MB and most of these files are larger than that.)

Been investigating Ripway a little. The 30meg is free but for larger webspaces (file sizes transfers etc) you have to pay a monthly fee. Here is a link to their prices and upgrades page.

Ripway priceing page

I play around a little with some comp animation myself and I’ve been thinking of doing something similar myself.

geocities.com has free space, but you have to put up with ads. They also limit the amount of data transfer.

SandyHook, it didn’t even occur to me to try Geocities. I checked it out, and the monthly bandwidth allotment is 3 GB, which ought to be far more than I’ll use.

Thanks! Here’s a short video if anyone’s interested. (800K, 33 sec.)

So THAT’S what happens when I clock out. I always wondered why my trash can is never in the same place as I left it.

So just how long do you have to put those together? I need a job with that kind of down time. :stuck_out_tongue:

I liked that video! Neat.

Brinkster offer a free Educational Package that will allow you 15 MB of space.

Wouldn’t do him any good: