Where can I order breaded cheddar cheese balls from?

I lived in Sioux Falls SD. and breaded fried chees balls were everywere now I live in Phoenix AZ and I cannot find them anywere. Does anyone out there know how i can order them online to be delivered here to Phoenix?

Schwan’s has some great products and they do offer Breaded Cheese Balls.

I’m not sure, but I think they might deliver through the mail now (The website is a little ambiguous about this option). It’s normally, at your door truck delivery. Kind of like the old Milkman service. But, according to the delivery finder, they deliver to the 85001 area. Whether that is mail delivery or truck service I am not entirely sure.

I can give a thumbs up on the quality and convenience of Schwan’s, though. They still have that old time service ethic that seems to be disappearing rapidly from the modern bussinessplace.

Also, they used to have the best pizza burgers, but sadly they have been discontinued.

You wouldn’t happen to know where I can get a good pizza burger by chance? (None of that homemade pizza burger stuff, I want that unique processed taste.)

You could probably make them with some really good guesses .

Considering your prior location, and for the sake of clarity are you talking about breaded Cheddar cheese balls, or Breaded Fresh Cheese Curd?

Because Schwan’s is of the Cheddar persuasion.

Let’s share this with Cafe Society, even though your OP was not incorrect in going in GQ. Food stuff quite often does better over in CS.

samclem Moderator, GQ.

I can guarantee my Scwhan’s is the best :.)

For the Countrymen, it’s the cheddar gorge wanker. Not quite a Welshman.

What is a cheddar cheese ball, sounds good (maybe if it is served hot)

Were these the beer-battered cheddar cheese balls, from Hy-Vee? I can’t help you with your quest, but in the two years between college and marriage, I ate these at LEAST once per week with a good friend. Damn, I need to make a trip soon, now.

cheddar cheese that is breaded and deep fried to a golden brown :stuck_out_tongue: