Where can I purchase "Les Jeux Sont Faits"?

My French teacher is after a copy of the 1947 version of “Les Jeux Sont Faits.” She said she can’t find it anywhere and would be willing to pay $100 for it (it might be more, considering its rarity). After a quick search on Google, eBay, Blockbuster, and IMDb, I found out that it hasn’t been in circulation for a while. I figured someone here would know where to find it (right? please?). Thanks so much for your help.

There are a few copies available used or new on amazon.com.

Gah! I knew there was something wrong about my post. I meant the film, with Micheline Presle and Marcello Pagliero. I apologize.

Ahh. Try PriceMinister.

Merci beaucoup!