Where can I take an accredited online biology course?

I am seriously considering a return to graduate school, but the program that I’m interested in requires an introductory-level college biology class. However, no lab component is required; an online course offered by an accredited college or university would be acceptable.

Can anyone recommend a program like this? I’m aware of MIT’s OpenCourseWare program - it’s an excellent resources, but it won’t work for me here: I need to take exams, receive grades, and so on.

A lot of Universitys offer distance learning classes. I know the one I work at set up their program in the 1990’s. The remote classrooms are scattered around the state. they see the lectures on a screen and can interact with the professor.

Our school also offers internet classes. They only come on campus to take their tests.

Check around your state and see what the state university’s offer.

Does it need to be specifically Bio 101 or something similar?

In the last 7 months, I have taken Intro to the Human Body, Plant Biology, and Nutrition (the first two were 4 credit, Nutrition was 3) - all online. I’m not sure why the human body course was 4 credit. The plant bio class had field trips and home based experiments. All three classes were BIO classes.

This was at my community college and I’ve had classmates from many different states and at least two overseas military people so anyone can enroll.
My Bio 101 class was not an online class and I’m not aware of any that were. A&P has online lecture and on site lab. I don’t know if you could waive the lab portion.
Edited to add - only my math teachers ever required tests on site and even those teachers had options for out of state students to have a proctored exam at a local school. My bio classes all had online tests.

Yes, it has to more-or-less cover the non-lab portion of a Bio 101 course.

Ahh, that’s too bad. Just checked my school’s catalog. None of the Bio 101 classes are online and all require a lab.

Sorry I can’t help.

If you don’t mind a Canadian university, see Principles of Biology I | Syllabus Website | Athabasca University and Principles of Biology II B (Home Lab Version) | Syllabus Website | Athabasca University

I’m on the hunt myself and this is what i’ve come up with so far. It seems all are accredited brick and mortar colleges that happen to offer Bio online. It appears all classes are transferable to any public college. After a little more research I’ll post a blog on the subject.

Colorado Community College Online
Offers lower level Biology w/ lab, Anatomy & Physiology, Chem

[li]Eastern Iowa Community College[/li][/ul]
Offers same as above

[li]Ozarks Technical Community College[/li][/ul]
Offers A&P

It might be worth asking them if they are willing to accept the biology CLEP exam. That’s the route I’d recommend, provided that you already know the material or that you’re willing to learn it entirely on your own. The cost will be about $110 and there is likely to be an open testing site somewhere near you.

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I’d enjoy taking Biology again just for fun. It been over twenty years since my undergrad days. I always wanted to take Botany as an elective and never found the time.

I wonder if I could enroll and not transfer credits? I wouldn’t want to risk screwing up my official transcript or GPA.

What about Thinkwell’s? I had to take a couple of classes and they used Thinkwell’s as the learning material. It’s very in-depth and though not cheap, it’s definitely cheaper than a 4 credit hour class. I believe Thinkwell’s offers a free trial if you want to check it out.


:smiley: great idea. Thanks.

I’ve been looking for ways to keep my mind active as I go through middle Age. “Use it or lose it” It pays to always keep learning and stretch yourself.

I’m only a couple years deep in the college world and at the community level, I’m unfamiliar with the CLEP exam, is this something that would allow you to test out of BIO classes? Or use in replace of BIO classes. My major is nursing; every transfer school that I’ve looked into requires General Bio, Chem and A&P. Are you saying there are some schools that may accept the CLEP in replace of one/ some of those classes? I personally need the BIO classes because science is my weakness, I’m just curious about the CLEP process . Thanks :slight_smile:

If none of those pan out, then it’d be worth taking a look at The Open University. It’s definitely accredited and highly-regarded, and if you contacted them I’m sure they’d be able to tell you which of their courses is like biology 101, but it is a British institution.