Where can I watch La Totale! Online? I’m willing to pay money to watch it

I’ve known for years that James Cameron’s movie true lies was based on a French film, but yesterday I learned that French film came out only a few years before true lies did (It came out in 1991).

I’ve researched into the film, which is called La Totale! (Or just Totale, That’s another title for it), and I’m absolutely surprised at how entertaining and action packed it looks. I’m also absolutely surprised at how many direct similarities there are between the French film and true lies, similarities both in plot and specific scenes and visuals.

I guess family guy was wrong when it claimed that all French films are about a good looking depressed guy Smoking a cigarette. :slight_smile:

My question is, where can I watch this French film streaming online? I’m willing to pay money to watch it legally, but if there’s anywhere that I can legally watch it for free, that’s great too!

I’ve had trouble finding this film anywhere online in terms of watching it, not just watching the preview of it.

Not streaming but the DVD is available at the French version of Amazon for about fifteen Euros.

I don’t own a DVD player; It’s 2021. :slight_smile:

As you’ve discovered, not every movie or TV show is available for streaming. Some are only available on Betamax, VHS, Laserdisc, DVD or Blu-ray. And some aren’t available on any of those formats.

It being 2021, membership of the now highly exlcusive club of DVD player owners comes at the discounted rate of $16.


And it’s made by “Blingco”, I think I want one myself now.

ETA: it just occurred to me, if you do get a DVD from France, it might not work here. I think regional coding is still alive and kicking. You may need to have a DVD player without region lock, or whatever it’s called.