Where could I get a German Euro?

…And a German Euro, specifically. I like the design.
Either the www.eurocoins.co.uk/images/2002germany1euroobv240.jpg]One Euro or the Two Euro, to be exact.

Is there any place I could buy one of these babies, online? And without paying some exorbitant amount in the exchange rate?

Don’t you have any European friends that could send you some coins?

The exchange rate will be no problem I guess. You can buy a Euro for 1 Dollar an 18 Cents today.

…Germany. I think it will cost you 2 euros.


Seriously, try a big bank downtown. They sometimes have small change for travellers who wish to arrive with some money in pocket.

I was under the impression that banks in the USA didn’t deal with forigen coins and only paper notes? I know that up to 4 weeks ago in several banks in CA and TX they didn’t stock any euro coins.

Give me your address and I’ll send you one.

I’ll send you one if you like.
PM me with the details

But tell me you dont like the Italian 1 Euro , I really think thats amazing

Thanks for the offers, Ponster and APOC! Come payday (about a week), I think I’ll take you up on them, if that’s all right.

And that’s a very cool Italian Euro.

There should be a currency exchange at your closest international airport.

Germany is easy. San Marino Euros, now that’s a bit more difficult.

And I wonder if those Vatican ones even circulate anywhere.

Probably the easiest way to get all the foreign change you want would be to hang out at the airport and offer to exchange it for US money at the going rate. (don’t know if it’s legal, but it’d work)

Most airport/rail station/etc… change kiosks only take bills, and then they rip you off horribly in the process.

Every time I’ve come back from a European country, I’ve always had a pocketful of change I couldn’t get rid of. I’d have happily traded with some random dude for a couple of greenbacks or some quarters, nickels and dimes.

And here I am, not even knowing that they had different euros for different countries. Kind of like the new U.S. state quarters. Cool.

The bills are all the same though. Imaginary bridges and all.

You can see all the coin designs at the following site


If you have the cash, eBay. I got a set of all denominations of Germany Euros from a seller in Germany itself. They were wrapped very nicely in tinfoil which was wrapped in pages from a magazine. The only problem was he addressed the envelope to the state of “New Jork,” but it got there, so what the heck.