Where could I order a collapsable baton, legal issues re: same.

What are the legal issues regarding a collapsable baton in Canada? Any Canadian lawyers kickin’ around?

Where would a fellow get such a device, and what kind of price are you looking at? I’m more curious than intent on purchasing one, but if I did decide to purchase one, what legal bearing is there on me?

I am not referring to the obvious legal burden of not beating the living bejesus out of anyone, I’m more wondering about concealed weapons issues and the like.

I appreciate the assistance.

IANAL (Canadian or otherwise). but my advice to ANYONE regarding purchase of a weapon is to ask the governing authority (ie in the US the state attorney general’s office) My state has a handy website where we can check laws out. I wouldn’t take the word of a private attorney or a sales person about something like that, after all, you don’t want to be standing in front of a judge saying “but so and so **told ** me it was ok!”

Most military or police equiptment catalogs carry them. They are illegal in CAlif, unless you are police. I have no idea about Maple-leaf-land, but my WAG is that they are illegal.

wring; if you ask the Calif State attorney generals office, they will send you a form letter saying that they will not give out legal advice. If they feel nice, they will send you a copy of the Code, which is legal gobblygook.

I’m seldom in a situation where I feel threatened, but in those rare cases when I was, I carried a large (8 inches long) stainless steel crescent wrench, with a loop of nylon rope through the eyelet such that I could quickly attach it to my wrist (so it couldn’t easily be snatched away).

If anybody asked why I had it in my shoulder-bag, I’d simply say I’d been adjusting the handlebars on my bicycle and forgot to put it away. If they ask about the loop of rope, I’d say it was to let me hang it on my bicycle wall-rack at home.

Given a choice between my crescent wrench and a “baton”, I’d go for the wrench. The baton is probably quicker to deploy, but the wrench can be used defensively. Plus, it scores +2 against dragons. :slight_smile:

** Daniel** Really? move to MI - I call them up all the time. They also have a web site where you can research the state law.

In any event, the advice stands - he should contact the prevailing authority in his jurisdiction - I’d try a free opinion from a governmental entity (police, city attorney, prosecuting attorney’s office etc.) first, unless he wants to shell out $$ for an opinion from a private attorney.

But, at no point should one take the legal advice offered on a public message board. it won’t hold up well in court “well this guy on the SDMB ** said ** it was ok”

Only if you have a +3/4" bolt.

I have to second Timothy Campbell. If you actually use a collapsible baton, sap, brass knuckles, or such in self defense, and you really hurt somebody, and they prosecute you, the prosecutor will be able to wave your weapon around in front of a jury, claiming that you were looking for trouble, etc.

(This is assuming that these weapons are legal in your province.)

Much better to have an innocent object with a good explanation.

If you just want to have it around the house to look cool, that’s something else.