Where did cows come from

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In the staff report on evolutionary ancestors of cows I was reminded of some information included in the book The Longhorns by the late Texas folklorist J Frank Dobie. In this book he contends that the bovine that came to be known as the Longhorn “breed” was actually a mogrelization of various breeds of cattle that reverted to a wild state on the frontier. It has been a while since I read the book, but the descriptions of the wild cattle’s demeanor sounded very much like the demeanor of the auroch.

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I’m surprised to read that the last auroch would have died in Poland in the 1600’s. I always read/heard that the last one was killed in Switzerland during the 1700’s…

Forget it. I googled, but couldn’t find any reference about my swiss aurochs. I probably made this up.

Is it aw-rock or oh-rock? It seems there should be a joke here, but I don’t know it.

From Merriam-Webster:

Main Entry: au·rochs
Pronunciation: 'aur-"äks, 'or-

More-or-less “or-ox.” The word is both singular and plural; one aurochs; several aurochs. (Although I suppose one could make a case for “auroxen.”)