Where did my profile pic go?

I’ve had the same profile pic since moving to the new site. I made no changes to my profile or anything, but my profile pic has disappeared. I still get the little number telling me how many people have replied to my posts, but the picture is missing. I tried uploading a different image, but that one isn’t showing up either.

Both images were photos I’d taken with my phone and downloaded to my desktop.

Why would the first one disappear after all this time? Why won’t the second one show up?

I see a reddish painting that looks like a twisted barren tree. Both for the large & the small icon. What do you see?

I see this also. If I go to your profile I also see a picture of a mountain in the distance. What are we supposed to see?

That’s my profile pic, all right. It’s a Japanese maple in autumn. I crawled under it to get the photo. The question is, why can’t I see it? I can see everyone else’s profile pic. It’s completely blank where mine is supposed to be, though if I hover over it, I get a faint greenish square.

It makes no sense.

Probably a browser issue on your end. You might try clearing your cache. Alternately, if you have some sort of ad blocker, make sure that you didn’t accidentally block the image.