Where did the "In Soviet Russia" meme come from?

You know like:
A: I feel like eating a big bowl of soup
B: In Soviet Russa, the big bowl of soup eats YOU!

I’m pretty sure the origins were in Yakov Smirnoff’s (or whatever his name was) stand-up routine. But why has this suddenly become a meme right now? Are we in the middle of a Yakov Smirnoff revival?

Blame www.fark.com

Did they start the meme or just, like many message boards, help spread it?

Well, they certainly didn’t start it. Yakov Smirnoff is the perp, there. I think that Fark.com is largely responsible for it’s current vogue, though. Heck, even if people don’t participate in the comments threads, but merely use it as a news aggregate site, there’s no escaping Fark cliches.

I don’t know if The Dirk Engine at interconnected.org is a solid cite, (and I see it’s actually down at the moment), but according to the Google cache, “Yakov Smirnov” is only connected to two things, and one of them is Fark:

This, along with the tendency of so many people who use this annoying cliche to use other, less-annoying Fark cliches, would lead me to believe that Fark has done more to spread the “In Soviet Russia” meme than anyone else-- including Yakov Smirnov. Who remembers that guy, anyway?


I can’t even remember how to spell his name, most of the time.

Besides, that was only ONE of his jokes. His true tag line was about America – “What a country!”

Like the “All Your Base” fiasco, the new sport of “photoshopping” (including the twin towers guy), and the “God Kills a Kitten everytime you masturbate” image, this unfunny Yakov phrase originated in the www.somethingawful.com forums.

This was discussed on this board within the past week. In the Soviet Union…Cliche question

All of what is said is true, but I think the phrase made a comeback because they recently had Yakov (or at least someone impersonating him) on The Simpsons.

Sounds good. Thanks for the replies everyone. And I did do a search, I don’t know why I didn’t see the previous discussion… oh wait I know - I searched for “Soviet Russia” not “Soviet Union”.

God, that’s stupid, but it’s so damn funny. I don’t know why.

I’m going to be laughing about that all day.