Where did the term "weapons of mass destruction" come from

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Everything you always wanted to know about WMD but were afraid to ask.

From Wordorigins:


WMD: Where Did the Phrase Come from?

That’s the attack that Picasso’s Guernica is a response to.

Wow. So if what was dropped on Guernica in 1937 is considered a Weapon of Mass Destruction, surely in 2003 Saddam Hussein had such … “technology”?

Someone, somewhere, must have tinkered with the baseline, because if I’m not disinformed, aren’t Israel and Hezbollah lobbing these things over the fence like tennis balls in a Seniors Tournament?

Personally, I prefer to blame Scooter Libby.

I had thought that scholars had traced the phrase to the seminal movie, “Weapons Of Ass Destruction”.

Can we keep the political shtick to a minimum?


It would pay a person to read about What was dropped on Guernica Be sure to read sentences like


So, no, what was dropped on Guernica were convential bombs, with incendiaries thrown in. Obsolete arsenal for dozens of countries today.