Where did the water come from?

Alright, I’m fairly sure you people are not creationists. This would be a fairly elementary deduction. You do all seem to know the bible stuff well, however, so i shall pose my query.

Given that Noah and the ark is necessary as a true tale for biblical creationists, as factually told in the bible. So, where did the extra water come from to flood the whole world? You cant flood everywhere at once with the water there currently is.

Did god just dump some extra stuff down here then hoover it off? Did He fill in the ocean trenches? Did he cause the currently available water to expand? Anyone know how creationist pseudo-science explains this?
Anyone care to work out how much extra water would be required to cover the peaks of the highes mountains?

They usually mention some kind of huge water vapor canopy that surrounded the Earth in Antediluvian times and/or underground reserves of water that somehow were pushed to the surface and then sank back down into the Earth when they weren’t needed anymore. Neither one makes a bit of sense.

well, that was quick. thanks

IANAC (I Am Not A Creationist): They say that there was something called a “Water Canopy” surrounding the Earth, a bubble of water around the atmosphere umpteen miles thick.

Creationists claim that the bubble, like the Ozone layer blocked out harmful radiation, and that’s why Adam and those types lived 900+ years.

Back in High School, a buddy figured out how thick the “canopy” would have to be to raise sea-level enough to cover the Mount Everest by 100 feet. I no longer remember the answer, but we did determine it was so thick that the “harmful radiation” that the “water canopy” would have blocked out included all light and heat from the sun.

We’d have still gotten neutrinos, though. Maybe we saw by neutrino-light back then! :rolleyes:


Fenris, where did you get that? I’ve been researching creationism for the past year or so and have never heard of a “water canopy” surrounding the Earth… though it is no more ridiculous than some of the other theories I have read… If you can remember where you read this, I would appreciate the info! :slight_smile:

If you read Genesis, you will note that at the Creation, God “divided the waters” to create the firmament. There is water below the Earth. At the story of the Flood, those waters beneath the Earth are explicitly mentioned as contributing to the Flood. (Gn 7:11)

This works better if you have a flat Earth sitting atop a vast resevoir, but there are a number of Creationist who have speculated that there are immense amounts of water trapped in the Earth’s crust.

Most, however, will simply note that God can do what He wants and that if He felt the need, he could simply create enough water for the Flood, then dissipate it later.

Quibbles about whether there is enough water in the current geosphere aare just that, quibbles. After all, the Flood was miraculous, science will never adequately explain it.
(I have more respect for those folks than for the ones who will distort facts in order to try to find water that just does not exist.)

Pah. Any true creationist would tell you that God considers Conservation of Mass less as of a law and more as of a guideline.

Some links on the subject (I recommend the first one in particular).

Fenris wrote:

So that’s what the secret to long life is! All that talk about proper diet and exercise and regular check-ups is just mumbo-jumbo – all you have to do is wear a radiation-proof suit and you too will live to the ripe old age of 900.

I’m going out right now and invest in some lead-lined clothing.

Christian Talk Radio. Back in the good old days when I had more free time and was more easily amused I listened to Bob Larson (who’s “ministries” were pretty close to where I lived) and Hank Hannagraf(sp) of “Bible Answer Man” fame regularly.

I’m pretty sure I learned the whole “water canopy” thing on one of the endlessly smarmy “Evolutionists are so stooopid” shows that Hannagrapf did. He’s written a number of books, I’m sure one of them deals with evolution. He also had on a guest who hawked a book called something like “Answering the Myths of Evolution” or something of that nature. Hanagraf also wrote one called something like “The F.A.C.E. That Demonstrates the F.A.R.C.E. of Evolution”. Either one should go into detail about their ummm…“theory”.

As long as we’re asking for Stupid Answers to Snappy Questions abou creationism, I’ve always wondered how creationists answer these questions. I’ve never heard a creationist deal with them.

#1) How do they explain what happened to the salt water or fresh water fishes? Depending on what the saline content of the hyper-diluted oceans would be, either all the salt-water fish should die, or the fresh-water ones should. Or both.

#2) Ever been to Carlsbad Caverns? It’s one of the most beautiful places in the world. But it wouldn’t be if six thousand years ago (give or take) a huge tidal wave of salt-water rushed in. Not only would delicate formations that took eons to build be destroyed, the cave’s “ecology” would be ruined. And even if Carlsbad somehow continued to be a living cave (the formations still growing), there hasn’t been time since the flood for those formations to have grown to the size they are. (Granted, given that these are people who postulate a universe in which the speed of light mischeivously keeps changing it’s speed, variable cave formation speed isn’t much of a trick)

Anyway, anyone have the creationist answers to these questions?


BTW, this water canopy that blocked out radiation also kept the rate of formation of Carbon 14 low. Evolutionists, unaware of this, have extrapolated from current C14 levels to get the age of fossils, and have thus overestimated their age (after all, we all know no fossils are more than 10,000 years old).

"Anyway, anyone have the creationist answers to these questions? " - Fenris

A Creationist explanation? Not that I am one or anything but how about…

God is omnipotent. It explains everything. No proofs are needed. Just faith.

How do you debate with these people?

But, come to think of it, where’d all the water come from for the Ice Age? Where’d it all go when it melted?


the formation of large ice sheets during the ice ages caused sea level to drop quite a bit because the water for the ice came from the ocean. IIRC, sea level at maximum ice coverage was about 100 meters lower than today.


Silly! You know the “ice age” is nothing but an evilutionist myth. You don’t think those wooly mammoths preserved in ice are genuine, do you? Next you’ll be saying that the Earth really is round and that the Apollo astronauts really did go to the moon!

Here’s something I saved from way back in the day when I called BBSes for my computer-related entertainment:

Just thought I’d share…

Max Torque quoted an ancient BBS message as saying:

Ah! There’s how it happened!

The flood eroded Mount Everest, so it no longer had to cover Mount Everest, so far less rain actually needed to fall!

Of course, then we have the problem of where the modern Mount Everest came from if no mountains would have survived being eroded by the flood…

Oh, that’s easy. The following is from the world’s single dumbest creationist site. And I’m confident when I say dumbest site. I haven’t seen all creationist sites, but I’m still willing to bet it’s the dumbest.

Per this guy, before the flood everything was flat. There were no oceans, just big, shallow puddles. No mountains, just large swells in the land but because the water of the flood weighed so much, it pushed the ocean beds down which, since the earth is built like a giant, cheap, waterbed, resulted in the mountains getting pushed up. To quote:

This guy also proves that everything we know about stellar composition, astronomy, astrophysics are wrong! WRONG! over here with 41 earth-shattering proof. For example:

And he sounds just like an Ed Wood movie “Your Stupid MINDS! Stupid, STUPID minds!”

He also has a Socratic dialogue that would make David B. weep. Or laugh. or both. wherein a good creationist student boggles the mind of his astrophysics professor with good Biblical logic here

Have fun, and I challenge anyone to find a dumber site. At least the Creation Research Institute knows what it needs to disprove. This guy doesn’t even understand the questions.


actually, its much more likely that simply everywhere noah lived flooded and then drained. Becuase that would be the whole world to them and would correspond with the greeks.

And let’s not get into how much heat umpteen sextillions of water would “deposit” on the Earth. Lavola, anyone?