Where did this email originate?

Ok, I got a really weird email preportedly from an italian exchange student we hosted for a week. It was received via hotmail. I don’t know how to access the header information. Once I have that I want to try to find out if it is from locally or the city where they now are. How do I figure this out?

How are you reading Hotmail?

Hard to do with any degree of accuracy. The best you’d get is the location of their ISP’s connection to the Internet.

For example, I’m in San Francisco, but if you trace my email’s headers and locate the email gateways, they’ll either come up as in Virginia, Minnesota or Arizona - depends on which email server that they enter the Internet through.

What you can try is plugging their email address into here: http://centralops.net/co/EmailDossier.vbs.asp

You’ll then (hopefully!) get a page listing “MX Records” and “SMTP Session” The first line of the SMTP Session should say “Contacting someserver [IP address]” The IP address is a set of four short numbers separated by dots, like

Copy that IP number into this page: http://ws.arin.net/cgi-bin/whois.pl (ignore the error message the first time you access that page) Click “Submit Query” Hopefully again, you’ll get a record of who owns that email server and their location.

I am reading it in IE.

Mail Display Settings
Message Headers

Options should be at the right edge of the page, next to Help.