where do all the dead birds go?

There are literally hundreds of thousands of birds just in the area i live which is North Wales. Birds of all species from thousands of flocking starlings all moving together like a big wave to thousands of seagulls the size of pigs which cause a mess in the town. The question is where do all these birds end up when they are dead because there aren`t that many littering up the streets when really there should be! Do they all go to the sea to die, or just get eaten straight away by bigger birds??

They get eaten, often before they die. Birds get old and sick, and make easy prey for cats and other predators. Those that die of illness or age get consumed by scavengers, like crows or racoons. Nothing goes to waste in nature.


I see plenty of dead birds, big and small. Cats and rats and stuff grab them before long I would imagine, municiple agencies too, but there is quite often a dead seagull somewhere nearby until the tide takes it out.

Several main reasons you don’t see many dead birds:

  1. As Q.E.D. says, old or sick birds are usually caught and eaten by predators. You may see a few feathers scattered around, and that’s about it.

  2. Birds that die from severe weather will usually do so at roosts, which are often in out of the way places so you won’t see the bodies.

  3. There ain’t very much to a bird. Starlings weigh only 3 ounces, a big gull maybe 3-4 pounds. How long do you think a chicken carcass would last on the street if there were rats or stray dogs or cats around?

Based on this, I’d say Wales is unusual in either the gull or the pig department.

Or hillbillies. :smiley:

I read a study once about people trying to count how many birds were killed by a tall antenna on the east coast flyway in Florida. Their initial counts were very small (a few a night), but they noticed a lot of predators around (esp. feral cats). They put up a vermin proof fence and whammo. Hundreds a night.

Nature abhors a vaccuum but loves a free meal.

Nudge nudge.

If they are good they go to live with Jesus right?

There are hillbillies in North Wales? :eek:

Where do all the dead birds go?
Long time passing.
Where do all the dead birds go?
Long time ago.
Where do all the dead birds go?
To North Wales where sea winds blow.
When will we ever learn? (etc)

Oh, I do wish you’d phrased the question differently: this is going to stay in my head for days, now.

They all get throw into a car full of girls!