Where do cars go when they die?

Not a philosophical question, although any humourous smart ass answers welcomed :smiley:

I know about breakers yards and stuff (i checked wiki already), but when all useful parts have been salvaged and they then crush them up into those coffee table sized cubes, where do they go?

I’m assuming that by crushing them like that it must make it stupidly difficult to seperate into same type materials for smelting down, or does it? Wiki says they then get hammered down into even smaller chunks, but what then? Landfill?

I had always assumed the rubiked remains went back into the steelworks’ hopper to make next year’s cars.

Yep. There was a show on cable the other day that dealt with what they do with junked cars. The name of the program escapes me at the moment (Junkyard? I know they also did a program on junking ships.), but the cubes basically are shipped to a recycling plant, where they are shredded and the pieces of shred run through about 2 dozen different machines that separate out all the steel from the rubber from the plastic from the copper from the whatever. Then all the pieces are shipped off to whoever can buy and use them: metals to be resmelted, rubber to be ground up and used as paving material, etc. Just about every little bit can be recycled. Landfill for the rest.

The TV show **silenus ** is thinking of is Boneyard. It runs Thursdays on The History Channel.

In generic terms:

“Dead” cars get squashed to save space in transport to the mill - car crushers and squashers are relatively cheap, but mills (the huge machines that beat old cars into small bits) are expensive. Facilities with mills and shredders that take in fist-sized bits of cars and spit out small chips and the attendant sorting systems are really expensive.

A good recycling facility will be able to pulverize a car and recycle pretty much everything but the honk. About the only stuff that doesn’t have much of a recycled future is the upholstery materials and circuit boards from things like the radio and electronic modules or fiberglass body parts - but they can at least be incinerated for energy.

I was taught in childhood that they go to a giant junkyard, where-at they get tormented by a giant magnet and a crushing device.

That’s just the bad cars. The good cars go here:

So we’ve seen Car Hell and Car Heaven. I suppose the cars that get totally recycled are Hindu.

Are the abandoned cars that are covered with weeds the atheist cars? :wink:

I thought the OP said “cats”…

Same answer-- they hide.