Where do flies go at night? And what about the morph?

By “morph” I mean: where and how does the maggot-to-fly operation take place? Do they cocoon? Someplace I can find them and kill them before they emerge?

I hate flies. I recognize that they are a vital art of the ecosystem, but I could do without the personal encounters.

They are Gods creatures, why would you want to kill them?

Just kidding, I hate the bastards as well, believe me, if I knew where they went they’d be dead meat long ago

I thought dead meat was where they went. That’s where you always find the maggots, in dead meat.

Ok, seriously, this page has the complete metamorphosis of a typical fly.

The short version is they start as an egg, hatch into maggots, grow a case around themselves and become a pupa, then emerge from the case as a fly.

Writing from a household with a fly problem in summer, I have performed some small analysis on this very subject.

They roost on the ceiling and oak beams downstairs. Armed with my trusty vacuum cleaner (fitted with the supplied extension) I have, on occasion, removed up to 20 or 30 flies from this area per evening. Unfortunately the corpses are replaced by live relatives the next day so I ceased operations when it quickly became an exercise in futility.

I’m not oblivious to the probability that, if I can target and obliterate 30 flies, there must be other roosting locations of which I am unaware. I suggest, with no cite, that flies also occupy Dark Corners unidentifiable by me and my vacuum cleaner.

Flies are far more sluggish in the evenings and at night because they require some heat to operate successfully. In my case it’s noticeable that during a sunny day these insects come into the house in much greater numbers than on a dull and overcast day. This torpidity renders them much easier to vacuum (or to swat if you prefer) in the evenings than during a hot day.

This perhaps begs the question as to where flies go at night outside the house. I would say, again without a cite, that they roost in vegetation, on the walls of buildings or anywhere they can remain unobtrusive and unnoticed by predators.

And vacuum cleaners.

Oh, and purely to deny others the pleasure:

That sucks.

Flies do lots of things at night. Some stop by their favorite place, pull up a stool, and enjoy Crappy Hour, just shootin’ the shit with their buddies. Others go home and log on to a message board like “The Straight Poop”. Unfortunate ones find themselves trapped in a strange teleportation experiment and end up partially spliced onto the body of David Hedison, crying, “Help me!” :wink: