Where do I get designs to make wooden gliders ,or RC(Radio Controlled) plane fr free

I suddenly have this urge to make these planes which fly on thier own.

Thw wooden gliders Im talking about are those that float in the air for quite some time and can be made at home. There is some carpentry work going on so I could take thier help. I once knew of a site where I could get these designs for free. If any one could direct me any of these sites which give designs for free to make at home. (If this helps one of the designs on the site i knew was called baby jazz)

Also if someone could tell me if it was possible for me make a RC plane at home , (getting the parts and the cost of them not being a problem)the design being available free on some site!!
Thanx a million;j

Type - “Balsa Wood Glider” Design - into google. Many sites come up. Here’s one - http://www.seeds2lrn.com/JuneGlider.html

  • Making a balsa RC plane is very possible: it’s the cheapest way to do it, as I understand. The problem is that the radio, electronics and engine are what cost the most money, so you’re not saving a lot.

But where do I get the designs to make them (RC controlled balsa pl;anes)>?>?