Where Do The Amish Bury Their Dead?

Where do the Amish bury their dead? I’ve never seen an Amish cemetery. Is there any special protocol that they follow when someone passes? They don’t exactly have ‘churches’, as the religious gatherings are held at the homes of the members. I could be wrong on that aspect, but that’s what I’ve heard. Come to think of it, I’ve never seen an Amish church, either!
What’s the deal? Anyone have any ideas?

Here it says :

And how can you be sure that you’ve never seen an Amish church?

Well, I guess I can’t really say if I’ve ever seen an Amish church or not, honestly. Hmmm…Ineresting. I’m going to have to check that out! Most churches have something outside regarding the denomination, or you can just ‘tell’ by the name of the church…for example, ‘St. Patricks’, ‘Trinity Pentecostal’, ‘Bethel Apostolic’ or even ‘Community Baptist’. I’ve just never seen an ‘Amish’ church…that I know of, anyway. Good point, Ponster! Thank you!

No problem :slight_smile:

Are you in a part of the world that you’re likely to see such churches?

I don’t think I’ve seen any but that’s mostly because in France I doubt I’m going to run into any :slight_smile:

I’m in west central Indiana, and there are Amish communities all around this area. We see them very often in their horse-drawn buggys, and I buy our butter and jelly from them year round The ONLY butter I will buy comes from an Amish family in the area. I buy my cream from them, too. In the summer and fall, they have the BEST, most beautiful vegetables for sale. They don’t ask much for what they sell, and it’s always VERY good stuff! It’s a pleasure talking to them, but some don’t talk to ‘outsiders’ much. I guess it depends on the family. I don’t know.

The Amish don’t have purpose-built churches, or professional clergy. (Mennonites usually have both.) They have church districts, and families within each district take turns hosting worship services for the whole district, in large rooms within or attached to the house.

Same with the Pennsylvania Dutch. You can tell when there’s a church service in so-and-so’s house because there’s tons of buggies parked outside. And Mennonite churches are marked as such, and tend to be traditional-looking solid buildings with large windows but no ornamentation.

In an Amish cemetary?

Hmmm…no wonder I’ve never seen one! Not too many listed for the state of Indiana. Only 2, and then, only one burial in each of those!
Thanks, Fear Itself.

The number of interments noted on that page only refers to interments listed in the Find-A-Grave database, not total interments in the cemetery. Find-A-Grave usually only lists graves of notable corpses.

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The Amish in this area don’t have a physical church. Different families host “church” each week in their homes. As for burial, I would guess that each district has small, private cemetaries that won’t be listed on any website.

Ruby, yep, that’s what I’d read. I wasn’t sure if it was true, tho. So, now I know!
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Eh? The PA Dutch (actually German) aren’t a religious sect, but rather a collection of Anabaptist sects, including various sects of Amish, Mennonite and River Brethren.