Where do you get those little plunger things for taking out contacts?

Yesterday at softball a soupy mudpit by home plate caused me to slide home on my face and now I have a scrape on my chin and by my left eye. Getting contacts out is not much fun when you have to pull at raw abraded skin to do it. Plus, those plunger-things would come in handy when I get jalapeno juice in my eye and have to get my contacts out but they’re tearing up too much to pop out.

They’re the 1" long soft rubber things with a small concave suction cup-like thing at the end so you can take hard contacts out without having to do the pull-at-the-corner-of-your-eye thing. Eye doctors have them but I’ve never seen them sold anywhere. Help me!

I got mine at Target Gaudere. In the eye care section. I’d assume Target’s generally stock the same things…is there a Target near you? I bet Wal-Mart would have them too. Very handy device I agree.

They’re made pretty exclusively by one company, DMV. I know this because I was a model in their brochures when I was a teen. Their website is here. It has information on how to order, but no information on where you can buy them other than by calling them. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen them in stores. I’ve seen the tweezer-like removers for soft lenses, but not the removers for hard or RGP lenses. Target and Wal-Mart have those removers in with the contact lens solutions and cases, so you may have luck checking there.

Thanks, guys! Target and Walmart aren’t all that close, but I’ll stop by and check them out since I’m not having any luck with local phramacies/grocery stores.

Have you considered calling your optometrist and seeing if they can hook you up?

Hmm. I had those when I first got contact lenses in .ahem… 1979 or thereabouts. When dinosaurs ruled the earth.

However, I do recall that my optician took the view that they were OK for “newbies”, but potentially germ-carrying, and one ought really to get used to doing without.

I do see, though, that Gaudere’s need is a temporary one - in which case, I’d think wandering into any convenient optician would probably solve things.

Good luck. I hate it when my eyes are feeling injured or not 100% OK.

(Celyn, having broken glasses, is currently wearing very out of date prescription sunglasses - BLECH! )