Where do you get your online news?

This is a multiple choice and private (anonymous) poll, but please try to limit your vote(s) to those sites you visit on a regular basis for news and current events.

The source thread is Where do you get your online news? (pre-poll query) and further input and discussion is welcomed there or in this thread.

Poll on the way shortly.

Looking forward to the results of this one. I used to get a lot of my news from my local paper’s site, but it just went pay…the quality was pretty bad, and I mostly read for headlines. Anything interesting, I’d search out better sources. I was actually already looking for a new site.

Now…my hand has been forced. I’m looking for a new home. :slight_smile:


I’m also getting ready for a change. I’ve had Yahoo! as a “home page” since 1996! Their ads and popups are getting more than a little annoying and the emphasis on fluff is not what I’m looking for.

Great results for two of my choices, The Guardian and the BBC so far – suspect this will change with more voters. I didn’t see the original thread, if I had I may have mentioned my local newspaper’s site (covers the city where I live and adjoining towns).

Yeah. I deliberately excluded the more generic “local newspaper website” and “local TV website” from this poll.

Once we get a feel for which of these 42 options are too esoteric we may cut back to a smaller list with those generic options added back on.

I’ve also realises that I use my local forum quite a bit too. It’s prone to OPs like “What are all those police doing in Some Road.” or “Why is the police helicopter hovering over MY area instead of the one where all the usual suspects live.” Most of which turn out to be something of nothing but occasionally are the first pointer to a nasty crime that has just happened or a bad accident.

Here’s an early summary sort with the 0-votes dropped.

View Poll Results: Where do you get your online news?  
This poll will close on 05-26-2012 at 02:42 PM 

Straight Dope Message Board  6 40.00% 
Google News                  6 40.00% 
the BBC                      5 33.33% 
CNN                          5 33.33% 

Yahoo!                       4 26.67% 
Facebook                     3 20.00% 
Huffington Post              3 20.00% 
NY Times                     3 20.00% 
Slate                        3 20.00% 
Washington Post              3 20.00% 

Al-Jazeera                   2 13.33% 
Chicago Tribune              2 13.33% 
The Guardian                 2 13.33% 
Twitter                      2 13.33% 
Wall Street Journal          2 13.33% 

Atlantic Monthly             1 6.67% 
Bloomberg                    1 6.67% 
Christian Science            1 6.67% 
Marketwatch                  1 6.67% 
MSNBC                        1 6.67% 
NPR.org                      1 6.67% 
The Onion                    1 6.67% 
RealClearPolitics            1 6.67% 
Telegraph                    1 6.67% 
Time                         1 6.67% 
the Week                     1 6.67% 

Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 15 

Any surprises?

I didn’t see the first thread, but if I had, I would’ve included politico.com.

Okay. I’ll try to have it among the second pass group, which I’m pretty sure we’ll want/need.

Drudge, Fox, CNN, MSNBC, Yahoo


After twice as many voters (0-voters removed):

View Poll Results: Where do you get your online news?  
This poll will close on 05-26-2012 at 02:42 PM 

Straight Dope Message Board  12 40.00% 
the BBC                      11 36.67% 
Google News                  10 33.33% 

Yahoo!                        8 26.67% 
NY Times                      7 23.33% 
CNN                           6 20.00% 
MSNBC                         6 20.00% 

Huffington Post               5 16.67% 
Washington Post               5 16.67% 
Al-Jazeera                    4 13.33% 
Facebook                      4 13.33% 
Slate                         4 13.33% 
The Guardian                  3 10.00% 
Twitter                       3 10.00% 
Wall Street Journal           3 10.00% 

Bloomberg                     2 6.67% 
Chicago Tribune               2 6.67% 
Drudge Report                 2 6.67% 
Los Angeles Times             2 6.67% 
NPR.org                       2 6.67% 
The Onion                     2 6.67% 
RealClearPolitics             2 6.67% 

ABC                           1 3.33% 
Atlantic Monthly              1 3.33% 
Christian Science             1 3.33% 
Der Spiegel Online            1 3.33% 
Deutsche Welle                1 3.33% 
The Economist                 1 3.33% 
Fox News                      1 3.33% 
Marketwatch                   1 3.33% 
Seeking Alpha                 1 3.33% 
Telegraph                     1 3.33% 
Time                          1 3.33% 
the Week                      1 3.33% 

Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 30 

If I’m on my computer, my news comes from The Straight Dope Message Board. If I’m not near a computer but I’m able to use my phone, my news comes from the mobile application of the site www.news.google.com.

Perhaps another thread might investigate which source is most used for obituary information. Especially “celebrity” types. I have a hunch what would win that one, hands down.

Has anybody been surprised by anything so far in the voting?

Google News and NPR’s Facebook feed.

I’m surprised that not everyone voted for Straight Dope Message Board. I voted for Straight Dope Message Board, among other news sources, so my vote would be self-referential. :cool:

But that does show a difference in our perception of the boards. To me, SDMB is more of a social site, definitely not someplace I’d go for news. A place to discuss items in the news, sure, but to know what’s going on, I go to other places.

I chose MSNBC and Huffington Post. I can’t say the SDMB qualifies as a news site.

I’ve always wondered why NBC has MSNBC cable news and web site, ABC has a web site and a (pathetic) cable news. CBS, with all of its news history and tradition, lacks a cable channel entirely and has a pathetic web site. Are they just too stodgy to get with the program?

In my case, I don’t come here first thing in the morning for the first crack at important news action, but I do expect a quick report of anything out of the ordinary or of the 9/11 type thing. I would wager that well over 70% of the critical stories and probably more than that of the “gossip” stories are brought to my attention here before anywhere else. (I voted for SDMB and a few other places.)

And I’d be willing to bet that way over 60% of my “news” information is from online sources. I rarely watch local TV news and only watch network news if there’s some earth-shaking story going on.

You left “Daily Kos” off the list.

My “cycle” for news several times a day is, in rough order: MSNBC, Daily Kos, SDMB, FoxNews, CNN, Al Jazeera, Economist, Christian Science Monitor, World Press Review, BBC, local stuff if I need it.

I’m a little surprised I’m so far the only person to read The Atlantic and one of two for Christian Science Monitor.

Or maybe others read them but consider them more “analysis/opinion” than “news”