Where do you get your wine from?

The enoteca (the wineshop) or the supermarket if I miss the enoteca’s opening due to work. Moving to Italy has worked wonders for price to quality ratio of wine.
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I thought that an advantage to being in the EU would be a harmonisation of taxes, so that we would be able to buy our wine at similar prices to you smug bastards.

Vineyard/Supermarket/Gifts to me.

I get a hell of a lot of wine as presents. That’s fine, as I can go through two bottles a night by myself.

The grocery store, or if we’ve got a holiday coming up, Total Wine (local? chain that has a VERY good selection and reasonably knowledgeable help). They also have a good selection of beer.

Liquor comes only from the Alphabet store (ABC - state-own). Our incoming governor is apparently pledging to privatize this enterprise because of funding shortfalls, which is another issue entirely (we were talking about it yesterday and likened it to killing the cash cow - you may eat steak today, but after that you won’t have any more steak… or any milk… or any calves…).

It’s always a shock to me to find liquor available in regular old grocery stores in other states.

There’s a good selection of quality inexpensive wines at my local Trader Joe’s as well. It’s probably second to the Wine and Cheese Cask in my purchase locations.

As a self identified SDMB wine snob, I say groovy!. My local HEB (totally generic grocery chain) has a great wine selection. So does our Sam’s Club. Who knew?

Love Pelligrini’s Merlot! (Or at least, used to. We moved west a few years ago and haven’t had any since…)

My wife is in the business. We … accumulate … bottles. It’s an occupational hazard.

As for our own wine, I’m not sure of the exact composition at the moment, but it’s probably:
30% of the wine in the house is free wine from places she’s worked.
40% is wine she bought at a discount from places she’s worked.
20% is wine she bought at an industry discount (usu. 30% off) from other wineries we visited
4% is from a Sonoma winery’s case club she used to belong to (their pinot noir and their non-Chard whites are good, but we cancelled when they wouldn’t stop sending us 50% of the bottles as their crappy Chardonnay every time)
3% are gifts from friends
3% is wine we bought from our supermarket, New Seasons. Really nice, easygoing wine section.

That’s what’s in the house at any given moment anyway. On a consumed-bottle basis, I’d reckon that wine bought from New Seasons increases to 30%, and the rest of the ratios remain the same.

The most pretentious looking store I could find in the upper east side.

Before that I used to work in a liquor store and bought my wine there.

The grocery store where I shop has a pretty extensive Liquor department. I buy quite a bit of my wine there. We used to have a couple of Cost Plus World Markets here that had a good selection, but they are gone.

We have a Brix location opening here in a couple of weeks. I am really looking forward to this.

At the SAQmost often, since that’s where all the good stuff is, but there are a couple of generic “red wines” from the grocery store which are very drinkable for a quiet night at home. We used to manage to buy a case or so every year from vineyards in the Niagara area, but we don’t live there anymore, so content ourselves with a trip to the LCBOnear my friend’s house in Ottawa.

We are due for a trip to Ottawa.

I read a lot more about wine than I drink or buy, and it shows in my buying habits.

Here at home the wine buying is done at Trader Joe’s mostly. I always have a bottle of cheap white, and my mom has a bottle of slightly less cheap red, for cooking and table wine use.

When I was at college in Missoula, the Good Food store was the main wine source in my friend’s group. It’s Missoula’s upscale natural grocery store, with a nice wine section. I was only old enough to buy my own booze for a few weeks and the only wine purchase I made was a way-cheap syrah at the Albertson’s near campus about 30 minutes after midnight very early on my 21st birthday.

There’s some Oregon pinot noir that’s aging in the cupboard- it’s from a friend’s sister’s vineyard. It’s near parts of Adelsheim and Erath, if you’re interested in the geography.

Oh, to be to able to buy wine in the supermarket. Instead I buy my wine fom an alcohol superstore chain called Dan Murphy’s.

At HEMA, the Dutch version of Target. Or at the supermarket.

It is a Dutch tradition that every year, Hollands most famous wine taster, van Duynkerken, issues a list of the 50 best wines under ten bucks. Hema wines usually make up a large part of the top half.

Trader Joe’s.

Even when I lived in Sonoma County (which is where I grew up) it would never occur to me to actually buy wine from a winery. Wineries are for tourists.

It’s quite good, isn’t it? Have you had their dessert wines? Yummy. The Encore is worth the price as well.

Rouse’s - the one in Orleans parish has a great selection and the man who works the department knows his stuff.

Supermarket. I found a brand I really love and it’s always available there. Barefoot Vineyards. I prefer the whites and White Zinfandel* so I haven’t tried their reds yet. I also love the Smitt-Sohne (spelling?) Reisling which is also always available at the grocery store.

*All the wine snobs are probably cringing at White Zin but I am not afraid to admit I like it. I am not a big fan of overly dry, mouth-puckering, bitter wines.

We visit local wineries, where you can taste. But the vast majority of wine we drink is homemade. I have two carboys (six gallons each) going right now, and my gf has one carboy. We’ve been making wine for 4 or 5 years now. The absolute worst wine we’ve made so far has been very drinkable.

Ours has started doing wine tastings (usually with cheese!) on occasion. I don’t know if this is a chain-wide thing, but it’s awesome.

Not great for my wallet, but even their most expensive wines aren’t actually really expensive.

Tori Mor, Lange, Anne Amie, Crumbled Rock, Penner Ash? I’d love to hear!

We’re members at a couple of locals, and usually get out a couple times in the winter, and probably once a month in the summer. A nice romantic day is driving around the Willamette Valley coming across wineries we haven’t been to before. Take a picnic basket and the day is perfect.