Where do you think Arlington is?

Poll coming. If I mention the city name ‘Arlington’ to you, where do you think of first?

Arlington Virginia is what pops in my mind but I guess it is in fact a county, damn!

That’s quite ok, because it’s exactly what I thought too. And I bet some people will think Arlington racetrack in Illinois without any idea of the city.

Nothing in the OP suggested that any of them were or had to be cities. Wiki lists 38 Arlingtons in the US and 3 in Canada including Yukon.


I think of Arlington, Virginia first because of the famous cemetery there, which I’ve visited several times.

But of course there’s Arlington, Texas, the site of a famous factory explosion. The 75th anniversary was pretty recent.

I don’t know of any others offhand, though.

Arlington is nowhere near close enough to our President.



Even tho I voted for VA (as a Merrylander, it’s the obvious choice), I will mention that my inlaws lived for a time in Arlington, FL - an area of Jacksonville.

I think of Arlington, TX, mostly because it’s where the Texas Rangers baseball team plays. And also where the Dallas Cowboys have played for the past ten years.

Virginia, baby.

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It’s the suburb of the week…

Arlington, TX - Where I was born and grew up. Although have not lived there in more years than I actually lived there.

Arlington, MA. I lived there for a decade and it’s just down the road.

My uncle has lived in Arlington, VA for fifty years.

Arlington, VA, because of the cemetery. I’ve been there, so…


I can’t even find Waldo. Has Arlington gone missing too?

I live two towns away but I thought of Arlington, VA first when seeing the thread title because I knew that nobody would ask this question about Arlington, MA.

Depends on where we’re having the conversation, and who the speaker is. For Dale, since he’s an East Coast guy, (NY Giants fan too, IIRC), I’d guess he was referring to VA. For a speaker in a store here in Houston—when we can actually go to the store again—I’d guess the speaker was referring to the suburb of Dallas.

The city of Arlington, TX population is 398K. The county of Arlington, VA has a population of 237K. So there’s that.

I’ve only visited (Heights), Illinois and its locally well known race track but I’d assume Virginia if someone simply said Arlington.

On the Columbia river in NE Oregon. A bit further south from where it used to be thanks to the reservoir behind the John Day Dam. Hometown of Doc Serverinsen.

It’s on I-84 it so a lot of people have passed thru it.

Been thru and in it (and the old town) many times. Known people from it. Etc. First “Arlington” I think of.