Where do you think the speaker of this audio sample is from?

After you listen to the following audio sample, what comes to mind regarding the accent?

Where do you think the speaker is from? Do you think the speaker is talking in his native accent or faking it?

The accent does not sound native. It sounds as though the speaker is trying to sound like he’s from Texas or the southwest US.

Sounds to me like a fake hillbilly accent – maybe something from rural Tennessee or Kentucky.

I’m not American but I was going to say this. Sounds like me trying to impersonate someone from the deep south.

Does he sound fake as in “He is an American not from the South but trying to sound like he is from the South”, or as in “He is a foreigner trying to sound like he is from the American South”?

He could also be from the South, or Appalachia, or the Ozarks (or collectively “the Sticks”), but speaking in a contrived accent.
I’m closely associated with a couple of those areas, and while its unusual for me to hear that accent for real…its kind of common for someone from the area to talk like that ‘for fun.’

Unfortunately, that fake accent is so generic that the guy could be from anywhere. My first instinct would be to assume it was an American, though. British versions of that accent tend to overdo the R.

I’ll post before reading the thread. Sounds like a faked accent, someone trying to sound like they’re from Appalachia.


Fake or drunk.


An American trying to sound like a hillbilly.

The emphasis on the syllables doesn’t even sound natural.