Where does dust come from? [changed title]

Is there a way to stop or lessen the accumulation of dust? I am not even sure what causes this mysterious alien powder. I dust and dust and the next day the vile devil’s talcum reappears! This is extremely annoying and causes me great personal insecurity. Maybe the apartment I live in contributes to the dust? I live on the first floor of an older 3 flat building with an unfinished basement directly below me. The heat in the building is all radiator. Am I doomed? Do I need to move to a plastic bubble or buy one of those deluxe, gas powered leaf blowers? HELP!:smack:

Anti-static spray should repel the dust, and leave a highly polished surface behind. Welcome to the boards…

Dust comes from the walls, the ceiling, the outdoors, and you. Everything falls apart, mote by mote. Yes, you’re doomed.


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It helps to have descriptive titles. I’ve changed the title of this thread for you.

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Thanks for the welcome! Glad to be here.

IIRC, most house dust, absent some other, obvious source (like living next door to a quarry), consists of tiny, tiny flakes of shed human skin. Have you considered having yourself bronzed?