Where does one find out the regulations for this type of situation?

It is my understanding that businesses are required to pay much higher rates than residences when ordering pay-per-view events (big boxing matches, etc.) – as in hundreds of dollars rather than ~$50. It is also my understanding that bar owners who (knowingly or mistakenly) have ordered PPVs at the residential rate and were caught have faced enormous fines (in the over hundred thousand dollar range).

I am not a bar owner, but I do participate in a jiu-jitsu club, and it would be nice if members could gather at the school to watch PPVs in a large central location. Perhaps it could also serve as an avenue for interested members of the public to meet the people in the club, learn something about jiu-jitsu, etc.

While I suspect that the business PPV rate would apply in this situation, I wondered about various scenarios such as: what would happen if the PPV were recorded and watched the next day? Would this be illegal? Where does one find out such information?

A call to your cable or satellite service provider should provide the answer.