Where does the orphaned sock go?

So I just encountered this situation at the Omni house and a shower thought was born.

The wife did laundry and one of my socks came out without his buddy. Lonely but clean, my wife filed him into the sock drawer to await the fate of his long lost twin. Today his twin turned up, buried in a pile of my wife’s dirty pajamas heaped in front of the closet. I rescued him to the hamper and chose to reunite him with his pal by fetching his clean little doppleganger from the nightstand and unceremoniously tossing him in with the unwashed masses.

So the question presents itself…what would you have done? Do you postpone the reunion or do you give them sweet relief?

  • He stays in the sock drawer to wait to be reunited
  • She goes in the hamper with her filthy friend

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So when it’s a clean sock stays in the drawer it’s a he but when the sock goes to get washed again it’s a she?

::goes off to make popcorn::

Back in the Hamper. That way on folding of the newly washed hamper clothes, the wayward sock can be re-united with its re-found twin, and like any other pair of socks, be ceremoniously stored in the appropriate sock drawer.

I never thought of gendering the socks. I would say it, if the gender is unknown, then he or she.

I have yet to see a pair of socks request their own pronouns, but that should also be taken into account.

Sticks tongue firmly in cheek.

Socks are gender fluid. I thought everyone knew that.

I’ve long since lost track. They live in a group home.

They stay in the sock drawer until that moment when they might re reunited again with their soulmate. When that happens it brings a tear to my eye. On par with those military member surprises spouse for Christmas videos.

I voted sock drawer because I wouldn’t go out of my way to reunite the socks. In fact, Mrs. Charming and Rested has a designated bag to collect members of the Lonely Socks Club. We toss them in there and occasionally go through to reunite solemates.

So you’re saying you have a sock separation policy? The horror.

It was eaten by the surviving sock.

One of my exes had “left” socks and “right” socks, differentiated by little spots painted onto the right heels. If they had different genders, that would complicate things.

(He was a crazy person in other ways as well.)

Wash both socks. Once reunited, the socks must never again be left alone to wander off.

All my socks are monochrome. Nary a suck shall ever be left alone.

I voted “stays”… but in reality, all of my socks are identical, and don’t even get paired anyway, so I wouldn’t notice if one was orphaned unless my sock drawer had but one sock in it.

Neither. They go to the foster drawer until they can be suitably rehomed with their sibling. It’s like a halfway house. It’s near the two-sock drawer but…a foot away?

Actually, there is a whole Genre of this on the Porn Webs.

Gotta protect the socks from those riff raff.

Where do orphaned socks go?
Can they find a way home?
Back to the chilly toes
of a foot that’s waiting there?

I am not a racist but are we talkin about a white sock or a colored sock?

I used to use the apartment’s laundry room until it became too gross even for me. Almost every time I would do a batch I would check the washer and drier, and when I would sort out my clothes afterwards I would find a little half sock, whatever they’re called. I must’ve collected a dozen of them.