Where find a women's camp shirt?

I used to have a couple of these shirts and, until a couple of years ago, I saw them in mail order catalogs like LandsEnd, Eddie Bauer, LLBean, Travelsmith. Now I can’t find one anywhere. I am way out of style, I know, so sue me.

These shirts are button-down, short sleeve, kind of short/cropped with a relaxed fit and straight hem; not meant to be tucked in. Usually these campshirts are made of rayon or linen mixed with rayon or silk, so they don’t wrinkle and are lightweight and cool.

Anybody know a store or mail order company where I can find them?

You could try Tilley Endurables They have a ‘bush shirt’ in the collection but you might have to alter the hem.

J. Crew has them.


A Google search brings up this one for $30. It’s a rayon polyester blend, available in 5 different colors.

Hey, that site has a whole section on women’s camp shirts. Looks like they are mostly in the $30 range.

They’re evidently back in style - J Crew is really pushing them this season. I’m sure if they really are making a comeback that you’ll see them a lot more places.

I wear a lot of them in cotton, from Cabela’s. Silk, now, that’s intriguing.

Oh, they have a lot of nice Columbia brand shirts like that at the Bass Pro Shops

I’ve seen these in person and they’re really very nice.

Funny, I just learned that the style of shirt that I wear is called a "camp shirt’. I never knew they had a name, and now I hear I might actually be in style! (Except I’m a guy, are they coming into fashion for guys too?)

Seriously, it’s the only style of shirt I wear, I have about 20 of them.