Where/How Did This Baker Go Wrong (Loaf Of Bread That's Half Empty Space)

Entry #3 in this list: how is that even possible? I couldn’t replicate that if I tried, and I’m a terrible cook and worse baker.

I think someone cut out half the loaf to make fun of half-full potato chip bags.

They shoulda punched that dough. Hard. Right in the mouth.

This link goes into scary details about how to achieve large bubbles in bread:


The gist seems to be, don’t let things get too mixed up, and put extra time and effort into the part of the process where gases form. I imagine you could also just intentionally seal some regular air pockets into the dough even before the yeast sets to work


That’s happened to me sometimes just from letting it rise for too long.

Although not as extreme, I get this effect a lot when I’m making cheese breads or other breads that roll something into the loaf. The layering seems to assist the gap creation process.

Nailed it!

No, if you nail it, then there’s a hole for the gas to escape, and it just sort of collapses.