where i was, for kellibelli

um, it’s a long story. :slight_smile:

the reason i stppoed posting here is simply that i have a tendency to do things like that – like not talk to a certain group of friends for a long time for no real reason. i always say that the ones who are happy to hear from me again are the ones who were really my friends. :slight_smile:

let’s see, if last you remember i was in college… i kind of flunked out due to depression, and i ended up teaching preschool for a summer. then my parents sort of not really kicked me out – i was spending a lot of time at my then-fiancé’s house, and one day when i was home and bugging my step-dad about teaching me to drive he asked why i didn’t just go stay at carl’s and have him teach me. so i did. and eventually my mom started bugging me to come get all of my stuff. so i did. so it was like they asked me to leave, but with no hard feelings or animosity or anything.

so i was doing temp work to pay rent and things were ok, but then the relationship sort of fell apart. i wasn’t feeling ready to commit to him and he was feeling like being emotionally abusive was a good idea, and we both did not so nice things to eachother (although i still maintain that my not-so-nice things happened because i was weak, while he was trying intentionally to hurt me. you can’t maintain that a suicide attempt was actually about him when a) he faked it; and b) his next move was to clear out my bank account while i was hiding from him at a friend’s house.)

anyway, i ended up having to get people to move me out of the house in the night while he was at a friend’s. and one of the guy’s who helped me get out of this relationship, and who gave me a place to stay when i was hiding from carl after i left (because he started harrassing me by phone and email), he and i ended up living together. and then his kids moved in with us (they are so adorable, i love them to death!). and then i got pregnant. and now i stay home and take care of the kids, which is something i always wanted to do.

and i realized that i never really wanted to marry carl. when he’d talk about planning the wedding, i’d get freaked out. and when he talked about having kids, i’d always say not any time soon. and now i’m a stay at home mommy and i love it!

and one of my now ex-best friends is now married to carl. i was cool with it until she blamed the entire demise of our relationship on me and said she was sick of hearing me whine about the things he did to me (even though i never said it to her). ha! she’s psycho and so is he. they deserve eachother.

i don’t know which thing with my parents you meant, though, so i can’t tell you about that.

Girl you do alot of living in a short time!

Glad you are happy, did you do the whole wedding thing?

IIRC your folks didnt like the last boyfriend, do they like this one? I might be remembering wrong…

ALong with most others, I am happy to have you back here!

What a story!
I am happy for you and (what IS his name?)
lets have a baby photo!
Girl? Boy?

I’m glad everything ended happily—ask your mom to pack up those capital letters you left at her house and send 'em along to you. Never know when you might need 'em.

no, we aren’t technically married, yet. even though mark (that’s his name) and his ex-wife were seperated for almost a year beore i met him, they had never bothered to get legally divorced. and she never came up with her share of the money. so we had to save up the money, get her to sign the papers (she kept changing her mind about custody), and we just recently filed the divorce. now we have to wait 90 days before we can get married.

we’re currently trying to figure out what kind of wedding we want. his suggestion: married by elvis in vegas (!). mine: married in his church by his friend rev. jeffery. :slight_smile:

eve, sorry, i donated all of my capital letters to charity last year. do you know that there are people out there who don’t have a single letter to their names?

pictures: aryanna | aoghdan | seamus | mark | more

oh, ps, yeah, my family likes mark. me, not so much. :wink: my mom was being overbearing and rude when i was recovering from the baby (i had a c-section and was in the hospital for a week), and she’s not allowed to come over until she apologizes. which, to her, is insanely absurd.

such cute kids!
Wow. Its like instant mother of 3 almost.
how old is mark?

mark will be 30 in august.


:wink: i am in the unique position of having been a virgin when my daughter was born. how many mothers can say that?


Such adorable children! You look ecstatic.

i was 16 when anna was born. she became my daughter when i was 19 and met her daddy. :slight_smile:

thankyou zyada :slight_smile:

Cess, you probably don’t remember me; it’s been a LONG time since I’ve checked in here. Just wanted to offer you and Mark my congratulations on your darling new baby. Your children are so beautiful, and you all look very happy.

Well done.

i do remember you, chris. :slight_smile: and thank you.

so…does this mean that you are not a slut anymore?

::sigh:: i guess it does.

not that i’m unhappy about it; i like the feeling of being happy with just one person. :slight_smile: