Where is a good store buy a bungee cord?

I have a lumbar pillow and the clips on that to secure it to the back don’t reach around the back of the chair. So I want to get a small bungee cord to use to hook the lumbar pillow on the chair.

I know Walmart would carry a bungee cord, but I want one that is short and has ends that are covered so they won’t harm the chair fabric.

Basically, what kind of store would have a wide selection of bungee cords and would be most likely to carry one that suits my needs?

A home improvement store? Auto parts store? Tools and hardware store? REI?

I guess I can go online, but if I can find it at a B&M store then great.

When I’m on the road and using truck stops for fueling the car and catching a quick meal, the truckers supply section seems to have a wide variety of bungees. If there’s one not far from you, it might be worth a quick look.

Harbor Freight

I saw some small ones at Dollar tree. The hooks were vinyl coated it seems. But if not, you could get some vinyl tape and cover them.

Home Depot and the like.

“The like” basically meaning Lowe’s.

Dollar-type stores usually carry bungee cords that have hooks made entirely from plastic. Useless for heavy loading, as the hooks break easily. But it might work for your purpose on upholstery.

Walmart is one.

Where is a good store [del]buy[/del] get a bungee cord for free?

If OP has a HF nearby, go pick up *any *single item plus item #63979 “6 piece elastic stretch cords”. Tell the cashier the coupon code 30238707. Do this before February 14. Bam, free bungee cords.

I tried Lowes and was disappointed in their selection.

I vaguely recall seeing those too. I didn’t know if it was my imagination or if they actually existed, but someone else seeing them made me think they were real. However when I went to the dollar tree they didn’t have them in stock.

However dollar tree did have elastic hair bands. I bought some of those and used those to attach the cushion to my chair.

So I went on amazon where I bought the lumbar support pillow to see if other people complained about the strap not being long enough, and I noticed that they said they send it out with a foot long elastic extension cord in case your chair is extra large. So I check the package it came in, and in the bottom was a foot long extension cord. So on monday I’ll take down the hair band and use the elastic extension cord that was sitting in my car for the last week.

Chalk this one up to carelessness on my part.

Amazon has a large variety.

For future information, some places sell bungee cords that are adjustable for length.

Niteize is one company that sells them.

And here’s aflat one available on Amazon.

I was going to suggest Harbor Freight as well. And, like someone else said, they’re probably free anyways (I have about a dozen free magnetic parts bowls and a ton of flashlights). Even if they aren’t free you can almost always use a 20% off coupon on them.

Every hardware store in town will have them as well.

And, a tip, if a bungee cord is too long, tie a not in it to take up some of the slack.

A military supply store or outdoor/camping store would be your best bet.