Where is Building 15 located on the VECTOR Institute campus, in Novosibirsk?

…with Google Earth coordinates, or at least in relationship to Buildings 6 and 6A, on the same campus?
Y’know, I believe this is the most creepy, ominous question ever asked in earnest on these boards. And that’s really saying something. Frankly, I think that deserves some recognition.

And no, for the record, I don’t want the answer for any horrible or illegal purpose, nor do I want any actually classified information. I just have weird/obscure hobbies and academic interests. Which y’all should really expect by now.

I believe it’s 54° 56′ 37″ N, 83° 13′ 49.92″ E. The buildings south of the brown (as it appears on the Google earth) fence are no longer in use.

…and that’s why I love this place. :smiley: Thanks!

No, this question doesn’t even come close.

You’re not joking.