Where is "English Guiana"?

I was introduced to a guy at a party last night that was obviously foreign. When I asked him where he was from, he replied that he was from the country of “English Guiana” in South America. Now I am no dummy when it comes to South American geography. I am very familiar with French Guiana, Guyana, and even Suriname but I have never heard of English Guiana. I immediately accused him of falsifying his home country. He insisted that it was real but when I checked the maps today, I can’t find it. I did find some really obscure references to something of that name when I searched the web but nothing that convinces me if this place is for real. So I beg, what is the Straight Dope on “English Guiana”? Does this “country” really exist?

After a two-minute web search (sarcasm not intended), I found this:

(from http://www.guyanaonline.net/c-about-guyana/)

Try looking under Guyana.